Spices of life

Spices of life

How carefully this entire universe is made, how sensitively every aspect of it is crafted. We just need to throw ourselves into this process of life forgetting ourselves and then it takes charge of us and lead us to the destination.

Spices…  Simple one aspect of this existence which creates wonders for the life around. Each spice has its own magic power or maybe everything in this universe has some magic powers. Every spice has a purpose and for each person, there is a special spice.

To start with Dashmool useful in disorders of nerves, bones, joints & Muscles. Chandan….the powder of sandalwood tree that relieves the pain of remembering. If you wonder around alone you could see things which others could not and the power of the spices can be learned if you listen to the spices. Everything in this universe is made in a particular way and which makes some obvious rules to be followed while dealing with those particular things; same applies to the spices also. The way saffron is made to attract glow and love in life. Delicate coconut flesh which binds new hearts. Cinnamon is a great friend maker. Black cumin seeds are a protector against the evil eye. Brahmi oil to keep calm in hectic life. Methi seeds for strength, ajwain for confidence. Asafetida is an antidote to love. Holi basil tea is for remembering.  Black gold to reveal the deepest secrets.  Almond powder and kesar boiled in milk and drinking it together can sweeten your words and remember the love under the anger. Cardamom to make our words lasts forever and to bind true love.

Like this everyone has a spice. Your spice does to you whatever you need. As if these spices live their life for others to pay their duty towards others.

Spices teach to be rooted all the time like the Lotus root for lifetime commitments.

Spices have their own classic and unique way to teach how devotion towards your purpose can enhance the quality of your life. And somehow similar like spices this universe is also guiding us continuously sometimes some lessons harsh way or sometimes just by giving some signs to bring the balance between our own desires and our duties towards our purpose of life…. And if we catch the intuitions properly and bring back that balance between our compulsive desires and our responsibilities then bliss in life just overflow…..





Aparna Posted on4:43 am - Jun 6, 2018

Nature has endowed us with its bounty; all we have to do is nurture and preserve it.

    Aditi Sahay
    Aditi Sahay Posted on12:00 pm - Jul 19, 2018

    So true

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