Understanding & Acquiring Peace of Mind

Understanding & Acquiring Peace of Mind

Understanding & Acquiring Peace of Mind

One of the most prominent questions in the modern world is the hunt for Peace of Mind, and the worries over Materialism that is fast rising in the developed and developing worlds. One stream of thought states that the real world requires Hard Work, Commitment, Discipline, Mental Focus and has myriad issues and crises to contend, and thus Peace of Mind {PoM} is hard to come by. Another stream maintains that it is very much doable…  the dominant narrative is that Peace of Mind and Materialistic Lifestyles don’t mix; that you have to sacrifice, and that Hard Work is the sole preserve of the materialistic chase, given that while the body exists, its needs are real.


These both states are in reality a state of being , a state of mind, an entire lifestyle by themselves, that is the irreducible minimum. This transcends hard work commitment etc… these are paths to a goal. Going forward ,we need to understand that we are living in a material world, a world dominated by a Western approach towards life, materialistic and individualistic in nature. Whereas, PoM exists in an entire different place of existance, one that can never be answered by the limited views emanting from western thought processes and descriptions.  PoM is a state of being, an entire place of presence. It transcends your mind, body, actions, family, job, friends everything.


This is completely non-materialistic in nature; and is thus independent of material goals. Thus, hard work, commitment etc become irrelevant; not only do they become irrelevant, they come to be non negotiable pre-requisites of life itself. You cannot be alive if you arent doing these, as in that state of existence – every duty you have towards everyone becomes an irreducible minimum, one that you HAVE to do. Doing that means hard work. Thus, without HW etc, you cannot be in a state of PoM; in a PoM plane, hard work is non-negotiable; as in complete devotion and truth-based dedication to each and every single dependent on you, each and every duty you have to do. EVEN AT THE COST OF PERSONAL DAMAGE  That is why PoM is hard to achieve in the western dominated world


But. if you are rooted in any Eastern Philosophy, this is within reach; but requires full-minded, dedicated abhyaas – and cannot be attained without speaking complete truth, doing each duty fully, and established in a higher purpose.  Speaking truth etc are  irreducible, and to extreme levels.  The reason for this is the nature of our existence, the nature of our mind, and the interaction of these two that create ripples in our mental states.


Ex : I will come this week. A normal statement you make to a friend, without any intention of following it. In this mode – you say it – you do it …. or dont say it. Every word from your lips should be absolute truth, business or personal.  See, being at peace means there is no pull on your mind. Thus, even if you have spoken a falsehood, howsoever small – it will have some small pull on you. Add to that your duties. If you havent done your duties, you wont be at peace.


This is because every action, every thought we have causes ripples in our mind; we may not feel them for the smaller things, but they are there. And constant suppression of these tendencies, these ripples is that removes the Peace of Mind. If you lie, or if you ignore your duties to society, morality, ethics, family – it will show up in your mind and its ripples. In your health, in your rising dissatisfaction with the status quo and with the rising desires and ambitions. This discomfort is what provides the fuel to ever-greater material ambitions and bottomless desires.


This brings us to material desires-  these are never ending, and this vichaardhaaraa requires a person to attach to a higher goal, a vaunted and elite, good goal, which is not material or individual in nature. Once you anchor your mind to a higher objective, your duties also change. Thus, HW is a part and parcel of PoM, as the good Satvic person cannot be at peace untill the demands on the body have been met. Till there is this body, duties remain


Thus, no lies are permitted. If a friend says to me, I shall visit your place Sunday, baat khatam. He has to come. If I say to my friend or relative, lets have coffee at Viman Nagar, and he agrees, end of discussion. The deal is sealed. If you say to your vegetable vendor, the veg  is bad when actually the rates are the problem – you have lost. It is essential duty  to honour every single word that leaves your mouth. Non-negotiable. It is essential to honor every duty, non-negotiable.  Every person has an inner voice, and a conscience; and core values. The farther you go away from these, the greater the loss of peace; and the closer you go towards them, the more at peace you will be.


Kaam, Krodh, Moh are the enemies of PoM. Lies are essential in each. Give up lies, in even the smallest utterance. That is the first non-negotiable step. Even in Business Discussions – speak the truth. Sure, be tactful; find ways to negotiate and talk without revealing business secrets and plans / alternative: but be truthful. After this, the way forward is to anchor to the core values of Morality, Ethics, And the One God, whichever one you believe in. As you start coming closer to the state of existence known to us as Peace Of Mind, you will note a slow recession in all Material Desires, and a slow awakening of your attention to your real duties. PoM does not mean Sanyas –the body is real, its needs are real, as are those of your family. But the path ahead will slowly emerge, one that has a lot more satisfaction inbuilt!

Vishal Kale
Vishal Kale

Vishal Kale is a cross-functional business head leading 9 branches with expertise in setting up new products and processes across geographies. He is a passionate blogger -received the Indian Top Blogger badge for 3 years running now as well as a top-5 nominee in Blogadda Awards Win15. He is also an Associate Columnist with the Indian Economist, an unpaid position of freelance contribution, diversified work experience, combined with Business, Management and Economics. Book Reviewing helped him in Content Creation and enables him to add value in organizations as well as contribute in a variety of situations and challenges, and have an indepth knowledge of at least 3 industries. He writes on Sanaatan Dharm, Life Philosophy. He has a daily reading habit of Scriptures and his own self-introspection. He also reviews very select top Marathi movies.

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