Your Anchor…. Your Strength

Your Anchor…. Your Strength

Your Anchor…. Your Strength

The old strong tree in my childhood garden, so nostalgic,

Its radiating branches like ever inviting arms, so very majestic,

Distinct round canopy with dense foliage and room for all

Where birds chirped, butterflies danced and koel gave a sweet call

Herbs, climbers, mosses and ferns grew under it like a miracle

Swings on it with children laughing and running around in full circle,

Ladies prayed and tied mauli on the tree,

Sat in its shade gossiping happily when free.


The tree brings memories of my father and grandfather to my mind,

Their care and love ensured the family remained intertwined,

All looked up to them for shelter, support and fun,

Nothing was impossible for them, one could ask for anything under the sun,

They were respected and obeyed by all without debate,

The position of father remained SUPREME from decade to decade.


But as times changed, societies changed, nuclear families became the norm,

The dreams and aspirations of an individual mattered over the big family form.

Parents now face a competitive world where everyone’s a part of the rat race,

They ought to work hard to move ahead and live life with grace,


Small and scattered families with no pivot are fragile,

A strong wind or tragedy can bring them down, if not agile.

Parents are trying hard to multitask, some success they get but with lot of pain,

Relationships have become a puzzle very hard to explain,

Kids are nowadays busy, with their laptop and mouse,

Leaving the fathers lonely and no one to converse with, in the house,


So, dears share your success and fears with father and take his advice,

The least you can do is talk to him in a cheerful voice,

He will love to listen to what you aspire and will protect you in thick and thin.

This should be an easy task for you and not a matter so grim

He is your support, your anchor, your pivot, your foothold so strong,

He is your big tree whose shade you have enjoyed and will have all along.

He means the world to you, show him without hesitation,

All will be possible and easy, devoid of any complication.

Hold his hand tight and you will be blessed by HIM beyond imagination…..


Hitangxi Bhuta Posted on1:09 pm - Jun 10, 2018

True neelam father do everything for family without expectations and at old age when he is lonely can’t express his wishes too..

Revant Bhatia Posted on3:07 pm - Jun 10, 2018

I completely agree with your philosophy! So beautifully written! Keep writing.

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