“Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you” – Walt Whitman


As I pondered on each word of the above quote, I was compelled to introspect thoroughly on the same. Basically, I tend to be positive and optimistic about life and its branching circumstances that lead us to challenging territories and spaces. What raised my perplexion though, was the fact that ‘SUNSHINE’ is not always available. Do we throttle ourselves under pressure when the shadows do not fall behind us, then?

Human beings are physically equipped with surplus hormones that trigger hope and light in the mind. As a matter of fact, we are never content with what we possess, (at this moment). Instead, we reroute ourselves by all means to navigate in the direction where our ambitions and aspirations are anchored. The gamut of acquisitions and achievements become a gamble, every now and then. The ‘MORE’, appears ‘LESS’

What is success?

Is it ‘EXCESS’ or ‘ACCESS’?

In the words of Margaret Thatcher, “I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing, knowing that it is hard work and a certain sense of purpose”.

Personally I write because I enjoy wondering, creating, imagining and have successfully indulged myself in doing it from a long time. I achieve a sense of inner peace and harmony as my thoughts delightfully embrace the nib of my pen and the words flow without the slightest intention to stop. It is indeed a pleasure that fulfills my identity and existence. When I write, I sow the seeds of wisdom and knowledge for now and the future. It is never a fleeting one. My emotions and thoughts are constantly at work, often, without a break. It is something to do with achieving mental equilibrium. It completes me as an individual. Nevertheless, it is not a favour or a pass time. Success, I believe, may or may not include a purpose like an abstract emotion which is difficult to explain.


Is Success a potential supplier of an overdose of ambitions and desires?

Might be. People over- work to attain that optimum level of satisfaction, which, by and large is harmless. Some believe in jogging and some in running. Some do yoga and some engage in pilates. Some confront and some back out. There are others who take a brisk walk regularly without fail. Thus, maintaining a balance.

“Reach for the stars” is a common saying that is seemingly inspiring.                                                           Elders, friends, peers, our kith and kin bless us very often by using such unrealistic phrases. “Is it in our capacity to reach for the stars”? Yet, we pamper ourselves to align with the statement and hoping that we can. Compelling , comparing, over-stretching our limits till it snaps. No wonder, we fall and enter a state of self- decay and demolition that creates multiple side effects and a benign history. This is certainly an over drive factor rising from over confidence and fierceness of being successful.

On the other hand Success paves the way to Access- in terms of wealth, recognition, fame, power, authority. It cuddles ego, influences decision making and affects the micro and macro aspects of one’s being.

One such case would be “RELATIONSHIPS”, that are based on a delicate  string of belief and dependence. Many a times, situations emerge out of nowhere and complexities arise due to conflict and misunderstanding. The toxicity becomes obvious.

In case, one has mastered the art of balancing Excess and Access, one can choose to experiment and explore.


“I attribute my success to this- I never gave or took any excuse.”

The above words by Florence Nightingale constitute the key words of success. One cannot throw oneself at success saying- ‘Here I come, handle it if you can’. It cannot be a challenge! One can work towards it, however, with patience, will, determination and grit, making each effort contributing and valuable.


A barren land can turn fertile if one is willing to labour and put in hours and days of hard work. IT is not work overnight. It requires consistency, in attention and focus.

DO not be the excuse!

Instead, construct a legacy that can be set as an example. Lead the way to bring upon integrity in thought and spirit. Take chances, if you may, but do not worry yourself to death panicking over the end results. The consequences hardly matter if you harbour noble intentions.


TRIMMING OR SHORTCUT methodology does not assure success. An easy comfortable path to walk upon without facing the thorns cannot be a reality. The lift enables passengers to arrive at various floors of their destination. It is operated. The steps are welcoming as ever, yet, we choose the lift. It is convenient, saves time and aligns with our modern mindset. Why, the steps are also made for the same purpose, right? The staircases that ‘once led to heaven’ are now abandoned, dusty and neglected. As you ascend and descend the stairs, you realize the value of your needs. The onus is on one’s growth and gradual development. You need not skip the steps too, expecting a miracle. It is sinless discovery of oneself, slow and steady, holding the reigns.



Success has no prescription. It is neither a drug nor a pill that you can swallow when you wish to. Being successful does not imply serenading and exhibiting your status, name and wealth. An undue attention from lust can alter the direction of your aspirations, deviating from a spontaneous space to a restricted area, continuously desiring importance.



Absolutely Perfect!

In our rising with the tide, many lessons are delivered in the process of self- empowerment. It is worthwhile to go through the lesson, underline the difficult words, answer the questions, review the exercises and recapitulate. Repetition only furthers possibilities.

Success is inclusive of failure too! Failure has its own worth. Success compliments failure. A no regret approach that transforms a beautiful coral to a serene pearl or a useful charcoal to a polished diamond. The coral and the charcoal happen to be the inspiration and therefore, by no means, should be neglected, whatsoever. Both are complete. Success prefixed or suffixed by failure should be the basis of our learning. One may fail repeatedly, yet be happy just contributing in his or her own way for the society. Again, one can be successful but unhappy.

Happiness is your choice. As for me, I would prefer to be in a state of epiphany which would sustain and establish my choice and freedom. HOW SUCCESSFUL AM I? I leave the question to you.

Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray

Shrabanti Ray is a teacher, trainer, facilitator, mentor, script writer, poet, thinker, and crafter, possessing about seven years of corporate experience and thirteen years in the educational sector. A progressive thinker who dwells on the art of life and the several strings of life that create music. Looking out of the window is a pastime that she relishes to seek an insight within. She believes in living life to the fullest as there is no second one.

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Meenakshi Raina Posted on11:00 am - Aug 16, 2018

Beautiful read.

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