A warm hi, to all my wanderlust readers. I was super excited when I sat down to write this article on travel which is straight out from my heart and is laden with experiences.
I have always been wanderlust at mind, heart and soul since childhood. My father had always imbibed a powerful reading culture in my family. So rather than playing with dolls and toys, I spent my time reading books. While reading all the Nancy drew’s, Famous fives, Arabian nights, Wizard of Oz, mythologies, the inquisitiveness in my mind to travel to new exotic locations and learn about their rich heritage and culture started creeping in every cell of my thoughts.
From 5th grade onwards I started my independent journey with friends on long school trips and graduated to weekend trips in India. Gradually when I grew up, instead of spending money on jewelry and other knick knacks I started travelling internationally.
And oh boy! How I enjoy my travels till this date. And with each passing day and trips the wanderlust in me awakens and arises in me with full throttle and pushes me to travel more. You know when we step into this enchanting world on being a wanderlust, we gather the quest to learn more and more and each and every momentum of our wanderlust helps us in changing our perspective towards life completely. It doesn’t matter where we are heading towards, maybe a warm sunny holiday on a sun-soaked beach, or maybe laying our feet on hot burning sands of a desert to a vibrant colored city or the coldest of ice lands on the North Pole. All that has to matter is the joy, the cultural ethnic feel, serendipity and the transcendence of the place we are all set to imprint.

Last year I travelled to Dubai for the 2nd time. This 2nd trip of mine was more relaxed though a leisure plus work trip. This time I got an opportunity to enjoy every nuance of Dubai. From the first moment itself I faced a stark contrast of cultural diversity on landing at the Dubai International Airport. On one side was the immensely deep piping hot sand desert and on the other side was a stunning ultra- chic modern city with spectacular high rises trying to kiss the stratocumulus clouds and the buzzing humdrum of a bustling life in the Persian Gulf coast undergoing crazy whirlpool traffic interchanges, roads and streets planted with wood wakens, mundane crowds going to and fro.
My stay at the beautiful Grosvenor House Hotels and Apartments was filled with an epitome of comfort and luxury. My itinerary started with shopping at the eye dazzling Gold Souk. I was a completely mesmerized by the bright iris blinding golden rays at the Gold Souk. What followed was shopping at the humongous huge Mall of Dubai and Mall of Marina. At the end of the day my feet killed me with over exertion of walking for almost 7 kilometers. Practically I dropped dead.
My next day began with lots of intrigue for the fascinating place of high speed trains, fast paced cars of the latest make, bustling activities on the desert, the co-existence of diverse humanity blending to-gather for survival, the aroma of exotic local food and the sumptuous deserts peppered with delicious juicy dates, the rich sugar laden baklavas, the drive on the scenic Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road, my heart warming burkha clad visit at the uniquely designed Trampoline Mosque at Bay Avenue, cord biking and desert safari amidst the vast sand dunes, the belly dance and eagle show, baklavas. Oh what a soulful experience!
On the second day, I had visited the magnificent Burj Khalifa late in the afternoon due to work commitments. In spite of suffering from vertigo, I enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the stunningly lit Dubai from Burj Khalifa. The sinful evening at its spa was the ultimate hit out for me. Sitting in the miniature pool on the 64th floor spa at Burj Khalifa and sipping bubbling sparkling champagne was like a fairy tale luxury any human could ask for. What followed was a lavish French dinner at the Armani’s fine dine at the lower level of the magnificent building, and overviewing the criss-cross lighted fountain show which was drumming with melodious Arabic tunes. Simple, chic, soothing luxury to the soul and palette. What more can I describe.
The next day began with a city tour at Abu Dhabi, tearing through the unimaginable grandeur of palace of the king of Abu Dhabi, the bright white and gold encrusted Sheikh Zayed mosque, the scenic parks laden with wood wakens, cluttered and famous date markets, walkthrough the Heritage Village, thrilling joy rides at the Ferrari World et al.
Late in the evening I went on a dinner cruise at Grosvenor House, one of the elitist places of Dubai. The luxury cruise liner veered through the canals among complete glass tinted sky rises. I then plunged into The Buddha Bar, the most happening pub in Dubai. I completely transcended into the awesome food, décor and music. Post-midnight I dropped into the busiest area of Dubai, The Jumeriah Beach Walk. Completely inch to inch filled with innumerable cabbanas hosting international cuisine hotels, fine dines, sheesha bars, coffee shops. It was exhilaratingly euphoric. The buzzing energy till the wee hours of the morning can turn any normal human insane.
What a memorable trip. I can still feel and smell the entire journey. Now waiting desperately to back pack for another soul rendering trip maybe to Greece or Alaska.
So how many of you who are reading my article right now can resonate with my wanderlust emotions. How many of you are just dying to go on an exciting adventurous trip NOW! How many of you have made a wanderlust bucket list of what exotic location of the hemisphere you want to experience in the coming 2 years.
If you are a wanderlust soul like me and you want to share your beautiful experiences with me, feel free to mail me at jignatanna71@gmail.com and await for a SURPRISE!

Jigna Tanna
Jigna Tanna

Jigna Tanna is construction entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, change catalyst and performance strategist. With her strong back ground in behavioral sciences and using her skills as an entrepreneur, she is able to dissect the complex.

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