Each moment well lived is Success

Each moment well lived is Success


For me success is being blissful every moment of life. Success is being in state where I can use my mind and body at full potential. Success is when just my presence can be productive. When I take responsibility for whatever happen in life. Whenever I am not just thinking beyond myself but actually doing , taking actions which are beyond myself.

Success is when I could find beauty in everything, without any discrimination , like colours, every colour is different and unique but beautiful in its own way.

Success is when I am not getting judgemental about anything. I am giving time to people to open up and while delicately handling them helping them to blossom. And once they blossom I enjoy their fragrance and make them realise about their own beautiful fragrance.

Success is when I am able to pay complete attention to every little thing and do it with absolute involvement.

Success is when I am doing everything consciously and not compulsively. Consciously sitting with myself without any thoughts.  When I am in state of absolute surrender to the creator and creation.

Success is when I don’t complain and appreciate what I have. The ticking clock doesn’t create pressure of performance and achivement and I keep my cool and enjoy the journey of preparation towards goal and don’t haste to reach to the destination.

Success is when I am enjoying the rain which gives soothing calmness and also in feeling those Sun rays on my body and the heat of which activates my energy.

Success is when I enjoy the delicious food served to me and when I serve food with full of love in my heart.

Success is in awakenesss and also in restfull sleep. It’s in throwing myself in full action and also in sitting quietly with my eyes closed and feeling myself energised through inaction.

Success is when I can feel the motherhood for every life on this planet and not just for a baby in my womb.

The real success for me is when there is no duality and I am in state of absolute union. It’s so obvious like  pure smile which has no reasons and away from all cause and effects calculation. Every moment well lived is a success for me.

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