Enlightenment is the path to success

Enlightenment is the path to success

Ultimate Success is ‘Enlightenment ‘.
Ultimate path is build by many
Tremendous Success in life.


We all know ultimate success of our soul journey is to get enlightment. Before enlightment our soul need to find out its actual purpose on the earth. We carry many desire, dreams in our heart but struggle hard to fulfill it. This journey of enlightment comes through with the completion of many tremendous Success. The word Success has different interpretations from person to person, some get success in achieving fame, power, position or some get merely by playing in rain, singing song, enjoying rhythmless dance.


“ While attempting any activity or achieving target for accomplishment of Dream which slow down your brain nervous system with peace in mind and joy of happiness in heart is called Success ”


Unawareness and lack of positivity don’t lead us to success, which creates irritation, Mental and Physical health issues, depression or unhealthy relationship. Proper way to success will not only gives mental, physical and relationship peace, but it makes a person different from others.


Your mind is a plain canvas
Put the colour of positivity and creativity
To design your Success.


A confused and mislead mind get misguided way to success. Positive and creative mind achieve the mission with great aspects. One should do some daily activity to exercise mind like attending mind development program, meditation, chatting with positive thought people, reading knowledgeable books… This activity not only open mental block, it change the entire personality and makes you think out of the box. Knowledge of actual desire and capacity to handle worst is must. Even in our old history presents, King Purushottam (Porus) who got defeat by Alexander The Great had managed to get back his kingdom with all respect by his proper mindset. His creative mind made different way to success. But at the same time question arise, Alexander strong, creative and intelligent personality missed his final destination.


Every single drop of positivity
Melt the rocks on my way to Success.


The king Porus was compassionate and creative minded person. He believes in giving his best to the society. On the other hand Alexander, brave, powerful, strong but cruel and intense to take everything under his tag. So finally Success works with natural law, ‘What you give comes back to you ‘. Pure intention, helping others, growing with positive aura, lead the trophy of success.


Submit your plan before the
Expiry date of opportunity


Knowledge of time management and plan assaulting is must. Every goal should start with the finishing date. Remember ‘Time is Wealth’. Don’t give too much time for competition of one mission. At the same time over hurry results in uncleared mission. Never jump in with two targets in hand, this will never justify either. Number your priority plan and act accordingly. As our elder said, getting married at any age is ok but marrying on right age gives time to settle with your spouse and family, it gives you time to manage your financial stability and child growth too. Yes luck play great roll in life because it favour those who walk with open eyes.


Focus on Goal, Confidence in Pocket
Success on Top


Generally people have good beginning but somewhere in between get distract due to lack of confidence and constant effort. Sometime at certain point we feel down and give up but we never know that we are just inch away from success. ‘Remember your Confidence is your master-key of success ‘. Your surrounding may not support you but you support yourself. The best example is J. K. Rowling the world famous author of the most popular book ‘Harry Potter’. She dream to be a writer at a very early age, but her financial condition, unhealthy marriage life, responsibility of single mother had forced her to adopt other job. But she never give up her writing desire. Not only this her mail box was full of rejection for her book ‘Harry Potter’ which in future got published in 78 languages worldwide. This got possible by her constant focus on dream and confidence on self.


Remember your failure gives you chance
to go one step ahead your target was.
Re correct and restart is a better option.


Every failure is a sign from nature that your destination is one step ahead. Just imagine what would be Amitabh Bachchan if his voice would have been accepted as radio jokey. Today’s Big B has been rejected many times before he touches success. What would be Sachin Tendulkar if he got top rank in studies. Many such examples has proved that most of successful personality have achieved the best because they correct their mistakes and move ahead towards the dream. ‘Failure is not end, its new beginning’.


Your Success is your winning trophy of great effort.
Preserve it with great care for life time.


Many a time it is observed that success comes with ego or intense to let others down, or with jealousy and impoliteness. One meet with many offend experiences during the struggling period. Slowly this experience change our observation towards other. This uncontrollable negative emotions reduce the life of success. ‘Your bad experiences are to guide your way’. Success with negative emotions is pointless. Your strong desire with proper mindset can preserve success for lifetime. Wavelength of your thoughts can change the direction of life. Positive thought, confidence in heart and ability to proceed ahead will definitely give permanent success. But to maintain same standard is your responsibility. To cross the bridge of struggle is easy but to digest success is not easy. It is like we had meal of our favorite food, here no eno works. Your mind need activity of positivity. Collect all happy moment of life and make an album success, keep smiling, spread love, help others, is altimate Success.


I believe Success is a sure fire which meet many accidence in its journey.


Hitangxi Bhuta


Tejal shah Posted on10:52 am - Jul 26, 2018


Meenakshi Raina Posted on11:16 am - Aug 16, 2018

Beautiful message crafted nicely.

Great job dear Hitangxi.

Keep it up.

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