I am Success…

I am Success…


I am Success…

Success is one of the most fascinating words we ever acquaint in our life; few think it’s for sure and for many others, it’s an accident.

But is it sure or an accident?

First reply comes to my mind is, ‘It’s for sure when I am focused on my purpose and efforts but an accident when I relate it to the others.’

Though success is purely a subjective term but societies have made it a relative term; relating it with others. Society at large has evolved to define the result as a success or not.

Success is getting it’s meaning from the results; the pre-narrated results. But is it so?

If we take an example of any sport; the people stood in first three positions are considered to have succeeded. And what about others? The failures?

We have made it purely a relative term. And with so many failures, we strive to drive and motivate the people for success. The environment is of failure.

So for many it happens and for few others it is for sure.

One day in the quest on the above and debating inside, I found an attractive but stressful lady was sitting beside me. Taking an opportunity to relieve her from that position, I asked her name.

She replied, “I am Success”.

Amazed to my fortune, I asked again, ‘really?’

Raising her eyebrows; she conveyed, ‘Not again’.

I requested her to speak something about her; to tell me about her reasons of stress.

She replied, ‘thank you’.

She continued, ‘I am the present not any past or a future. I am unique for everyone, a personal reason to be happy and joyful. As any other creation of nature, I am being created moment by moment, act by act and keep moving in aligned direction. People have confused me with the achievements; the results.’

But are you not the result only?

‘No.  I am in everything, whatever done to achieve those results; not the only result. And if I am taken as a result, then why not the result of every activity? I am living stressful as people are blaming me for the insanity rising in the society.’

I can understand you Ma’am. Can you please explain how do you see yourself?

‘Thank you for giving me voice. I am energy traveling from one completion to another. I am the smallest part of a whole and the complete whole in myself. I am there when you think and start to apply; I am there when you move from one stage to next. I am the choice you made from different alternatives. And this everybody does for any activity. And combination of these activities to the pursuit is achievement.’

If I summarize Success, you are the ripple effect of energy, enthusiasm and confidence result from every action. You are for sure when series of activities fall together in one direct at right time without comparing others. And otherwise or for others it’s an accident.

WOW! You have understood and simplified it. Please share and spread with others to allow them live in present with fulfillment and joy.

I am Success!!!


Manish, The Mindfood Chef


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Meenakshi Raina Posted on10:42 am - Aug 16, 2018

Nice read but you could have included much more to connect it with success.

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