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Nitusmita Saikia

We all know every human being aspire to be successful. This aspiration may germinate at the very beginning of life or at anytime of one’s inner self awakening. Important thing is that do we get success always or become successful? And if it is no, then why does it so?

Before moving further on the subject, I would like to drag your attention to the fact that says,
“We need to do anything which can make our life meaningful and then only I would say that we have success. With the change of time and taste, we human being; chasing our self created goals, often forget to live our life which is very much uncertain. Without living the precious life that we got by fortune, how can we value success! Achievement, satisfaction all are necessary but not without life. Life is most valuable of all things in the world and this life need to be happier even if we don’t pursue materialistic success. Most poor and downtrodden people may also find his life happier at his level without being exposed to so call opportunities, name, fame and achievement.”

Did really Gandhiji ever think that one day he would become a freedom fighter or Mahatma or Bapu? He went on doing his work to fulfill his immediate purpose which could have been anything like the purpose to freed India or maintaining peace or unite the Indian people etc. It is when he had been thrown out of the first-class compartment in 1893 at Pietermaritzburg Railway station South Africa, shivering through the winter night in wind-swept waiting room of the station Gandhi made the momentous decision to stay on in South Africa and fight the racial discrimination against Indians there. Pathologically shy and retiring person, Gandhi smarted under the insult inflicted on him and it seemed a creative influence towards the journey of ‘Bapuji’ and his India. We all know what next have taken place to change the history of the century.

Thus we presume that, something must kindle a fire in heart to open the throttle towards something we call it as goal and its successful achievement. This awakening can be a sudden blow at times, as well as may be a course of continuous strokes of many aspects in one’s life which may bring a person to the verge of struggle to obtain success.

The moment we start to feel disappointment for our failed attempt to do something we start growing the aspiration for success. Success gets its meaning when there is failure. Repeating the question that asked above in the beginning of the article; do we really get success always or become successful? And if it is no; then why does it so?

According to Rutgers, “(the source of the story about Edison trying thousands of experiments or materials is probably an 1890 interview in Harper’s Monthly Magazine.”The exact quote by Edison: “I speak without exaggeration when I say that I have constructed three thousand different theories in connection with the electric light, each one of them reasonable and apparently to be true. Yet only in two cases did my experiments prove the truth of my theory.” (collected from secondary source)
We all know that Thomas Alva Edison had failed in his experiment many times before he succeeded to bring his theory of electric bulb. Failure could not stop him but his perseverance and conviction have won. Therefore our will and commitment work hand in hand with other element that required for success.

Till here we have found that, there is a need of a definite goal to bring success into existence. When failure enters the path chasing the goal; this goal becomes a passion for its dreamer but not for all. It happens with them only who have the courage to fight back his failure, he only achieves his dream. Courage to fight back to overcome failure is an act of amalgamation of various aspects. Such two aspects we already came to know and they are conviction and perseverance.

Therefore, it is easy to desire success; but to gain it in real sense speaks of the concurrence of various values and efforts. Thus success is not an easy nut to crack. We can ask herewith what success is indeed. There are many quotations about success by many notable persons. Let’s have a look on them, and have some turf to decorate our discussion i.e. success whether it is an accident or a sure fire!

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.(Winston s. Churchill)”

‘Opportunities don’t happen. You create them’ (Chris grosser)’

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same. Colin r devis.”

“I find that the harder I work the more luck I seem to have.”Thomas Jefferson
Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.” Shiv Khera

Take risk in your life, if you win you can lead; if you lose you can guide.”(Swami Vivekananda)

Following the quoted sayings mentioned above, we find few related factors of success like creation, failure, hard work, positiveness, risk taking lead and guide.

Literally we understand success is the state at which one person finds satisfaction because he has achieved the thing what he had wished for. Thus, achievement and satisfaction is related to success. These achievements and satisfaction are the ripe fruit of the tree which grow gradually overcoming the burning under sun, rain, thunder, and storm, every season to get flowered and eventually awarded with fruits.

Similarly to gain success in real life one has to go through a journey of hard work overcoming all hurdles which may be personal traits (procrastination, lethargy, negativity, lake of enthusiasm, lake of confidence etc) and non-personal (environmental,). To face all these negatives and turn them into positivity, it’s a great challenge in itself. Who accept this challenge; he/she can’t be stopped by anything from getting success.

How can we turn negativity into positivity? We will not go into the depth as per clinical study of human psychology but in simple term we can say that when one person has a dream and ready to suffer and work hard to get his dream come true would be definitely able to turn his all negativities into positivity.

Here I would like to quote the example of Charlie Chaplin, epitome of comedy.
Chaplin’s childhood in London was one of poverty and hardship. Before the age of nine, he was sent to a workhouse twice. At the age of seven Lambeth workhouse house Chaplin for pauper which Chaplin remembered “forlorn existence”. At the 14, his mother was committed to a mental asylum. Father was then severe alcoholic. Chaplin lived alone for several days searching for food and occasionally sleeping rough. Between his time in the poor schools and his mother succumbing to mental illness, Chaplin began to perform on stage. He had grown interest in performing on stage with his mother’s encouragement. He later wrote: she imbued me with the feeling that I had some sort of talent.” He became member of Eight Lancashire Lads clog dancing troop and toured English music halls throughout 1899 and 1900. Chaplin worked hard and the act was popular with audiences but he was not satisfied with dancing and wished to form a comedy act. He abandoned education for his ambition to become an actor. He supported himself with a range of jobs to fulfill his dream. He registered with a theatrical agency in London west end. He went on exploiting every opportunity to act and play and at the age of 18 Chaplin had become an accomplished comedic performer. After this he never looked back but from stage to motion picture his trajectory went on moving high.

Success is kind of our creation. Thus it is we who has to create success if we want to have it. In other words, mere desire for success is not enough to get achievement but it need a strong conviction and self confidence. We should have a strong urge for it. With these two important factors one has to work on planning, why because without any plan, working on something will go in vein. Planned work gives the right way to move and utilize one’s efforts on right thing at the right time. It needs a lot of hard work without letting the enthusiasm diminish at any cost.

While doing all these hard work, failure often comes in on our way and if one has given up to such seasonal failure, he or she can’t reach the final destination or desired goal. A sense of continuity should be there which is called as perseverance. Perseverance means the quality of being attach to the work until it brings the desired result. It is the quality that helps us to overcome our obvious failure. All these aspects work together in our experiments with our potentiality to create success.

Why I am highlighting these values and effort because the person who can bring all these under the control of mind, his success become a sure fire as if the outcome of a dormant volcano. But yes it can’t be denied that there is some exception too to this idea of success. In that case, we will have to consider one element of success is that different attitude of different person towards success. That is, someone believes success is to gain name, someone believes both name and fame as success.

Importantly the journey of hard work, perseverance, confidence, conviction is a continuous struggle with our negativity to transform it into positivity so that we can achieve success. Therefore no one can say that success happens by accidents or success is an accident itself.

All these factors are responsible for all areas of profession. The difference lies only in the targets and motives. One wants money and name, one may want higher production of surplus food, one may target to become famous only etc.

Exceptionally, success in gambling may be an accident but there also we are likely to do some tricks to win the game. That can’t be accident
It would be a perfectly innocuous remark to say that success is not for all because success never happens by accident.

To compensate the above remark; one can go through the lives of all successful people of the world; hardly anyone would come up with a story of one’s success without any hard work and sufferings. It assures the fact that success is a fire where one has to burn self to shine like gold, one has to keep this fire alive all the time to taste success at the end.
One must read the story of Robert Falcon Scott who had led the Terra Nova Expedition. In 1912 17 January Scott and his party reached South pole, exhausted with his men, the heroic failure would give us the value of success in the face of failure.
Though he reached South Pole in second to Roald Amundsen, yet his contribution to the scientific knowledge and research was tremendous to adorn his failure and eclipsed former’s victory. Scott was not much smart like Amundsen, and may be because of lack of proper knowledge and planning, his expedition had cost lives of his entire troop and his own. Despite losing one by one of his men, Scott didn’t stop but continue to fight with emotional turmoil, weather condition and conquered his feat.

Though a rich ancestral background, Dr. Kalam had born to a poor family. At an early age he sold news papers to supplement his family income. Kalam had average grades but was described as a bright and hardworking student who had a strong desire to learn. He spent hours and hours on his studies especially mathematics. A missed out from AF pilot qualifying test, Kalam didn’t stop himself mourning his temporary failure. Living a simple life with integrity Dr. Kalam literally never run for success but went on learning and emitting the light of his knowledge to the nation and success had been coming into his way.

From the examples of legendary people, one special element of success has been jutting out of the common idea of success. That is the thirst for knowledge and desire to bring social change. Learning doesn’t always give us monetary fame but the gain of knowledge is already a fair present in itself for the one who crave for knowledge. Thus Success doesn’t confine to monetary fame only, it is something different in its higher sense.
Can we say that all these men and their successes were an accident? Certainly not! Their struggle, emotional conflict, perseverance, suffering and dedication speak the reality of success.
When a pebble hits another pebble, it causes fire and when it comes close to combustible material, fire spreads it wings to be useful for some purpose. I hope one now can churn the under layered meaning of these.
She was the first Indian to perform in Royal Albert Hall in 1974. She was conferred France’s highest civilian award (officer of the Legion of Honour)in 2007. At the age of five she started to work as an actress in her fathers’ play. On the first day in school she started teaching songs to other children. When the teacher stopped her she was so angry that she stopped going to the school. At the age of 13 she started her career as a singer and since then the journey of Nightingale never has been stopped.

We need an addiction for something meaningful in life. When we take actions diligently to fulfill our addiction; our every move paves the way towards success.
Why Sachin Tendulkar is so successful? He was mad for his game and has dedicated his important years of life for it. He went on playing and tried to give his best always. No doubt, at times he performed severe but didn’t allow his temporary disappointment to engulf his fame. This is the motto of success. Never give up. Never allow failure be destructive but make it a lesson to improve.

“An interesting anecdote of sachin’s early life as a cricket novice would tell us what success is. Under the coaching of Ramakant Achrekar, Tendulkar was practicing cricket at Shivaji Park regularly in the morning and evening. He would practice for hours on end in the nets. If he became exhausted, Achrekar would put a one rupee coin on the top of the stumps and the bowler who dismissed Tendulkar would get the coin. If tendulkar passed the whole session without getting dismissed, the coach would give him the coin. Tendulkar now considers the 13 coins he won then as some of his most prized possessions.”

A goal; a limit and an urge to touch that limit works as the two pebbles to produce fire and when it reaches the personal traits (emotional conflict, morale , discipline, courage, confidence, conviction , planning, hard-work, failure and optimism) that fire opens up wings to serve the purpose of the fire.

Importantly I believe there is nothing like ‘success’ but it is a creation of our mind. Our achievements are the outputs of our best performance and purposeful hard work and when this achievement is acclaim with public satisfaction we use to call it success. It can’t be denied that despite all personal good traits, success still rely on the factors like opportunity, sponsorship, competition and show-offs.

The end.

Nitusmita Saikia
Nitusmita Saikia

By profession, an instructor in National Cadet Corps, Nitusmita writes both in English and in her regional language (Assamese).She has been writing poetry for E –magazines like FM Online Magazine since last two years. Her poems have been published in various anthologies under, WWW.Realisticpoetry.Com “why Poetry Matters” under Ardus Publication Germany, “A Bouquet of Verse, volume-2” “A Divine Madness, An Anthology of Modern Love Poetry volume 3, volume 5”, Anthology “Symphony of Peace “under 10thIPF JKC College Guntur, India , regional anthology ‘HazarKobirSapun’


Meenakshi Raina Posted on10:54 am - Aug 16, 2018

Awesome read dear Nitusmita.

You beautifully correlated success with great person’s life experiences which made them to touch the feet of success.

Keep it up.

Tera Coutcher Posted on4:13 pm - Aug 29, 2018

Black on black in the Charg I’m creepin’ Rub me the right way, you might get a genie B.o.B, black Houdini

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