Success is Ours for Sure! Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!!

Success is Ours for Sure! Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!!

Success is Ours for Sure!   Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!!

Success is Ours for Sure!  Ee sala CUP Nammadhey!!

(In Kannada, it means this time, the trophy/cup/ success is ours for sure)


The essence of this slogan is the dream of many !
But can one be sure of tasting SUCCESS or does it happen accidentally?

Let us surf through few opinions on SUCCESS shared by the famous and successful ;

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”
— Steve Jobs

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
— Winston Churchill

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”
— Thomas Jefferson

“I failed my way to success.”
— Thomas Edison

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”
— Chris Grosser

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”
— Robert Kiyosaki

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
— Winston S. Churchill

“The real test is not whether you avoid failure, because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.”
— Barack Obama


SUCCESS, is an elusive word to many and something that seems to happen consistently, at a snap of their fingers to some.

Success can be in varied forms to each of us.
But is there a sure shot formula to taste SUCCESS always?

In my view, SUCCESS is an elusive sure shot formula !

Confusing?? Never mind, Out of confusion, arises clarity!

I say Elusive because we let our monkey mind play games with us which deviates our focus from our higher goal. Having a higher goal lets us choose from many possible paths that lead to SUCCESS which seems like luck favouring us.
Else if we only create the short term goals without a clue about our higher goal, predominantly selfish or materialistic goals, it narrows down the opportunities to SUCCESS and leaves us feeling unlucky.


With an example, let us understand the concept of higher goal and how to arrive at it for our life. This can be applied to every aspect of our lives.

For example, let us consider setting a simple goal to buy a car. When you create this short term goal, work towards filling the blank of the higher goal to your life,

Question yourself as to

  1. Why do you want a car?
    Answer could be, to be able to take my family out, for travel experiences, adventure,ease everyday chores
  2. What would that mean to the family?
    More happy times together, an avenue for enhancing family bonding
  3. What is the gain/result of bonding?
    Nurturing a family which looks out for each other with love, respect, commitment, responsibility, faith and trust
  4. What other ways can you achieve that( happy family) apart from buying a car?
    By indulging in common activities together
    By doing package trips
    By common dinner times and so on and so forth
  5. Risks that arise while trying to achieve the goal of buying a car?
    Being present to the fact that you should not get so stressed while working towards    amassing wealth (to own a car) that you miss focussing on the family until then. The very purpose of a happy family will fail then.

As in the above example, with some self questioning, you gain clarity that while buying car is one of the goals, the higher goal you have is to have a happy family!

You also realise that if you fail to buy the car, it is NOT fatal or a failure of the actual goal!

You also know many more ways to accomplish the same while we retry to achieve success in buying a car.

So, you arrived at “ having a happy family” as the higher goal. While you are working hard to buy a car, you also have to keep in sight the need to have time to nurture the family bonds.

So, ones prospects to achieve SUCCESS will broaden and you will find many opportunities to achieve that and grow as a person while at it.

We could select such goals in many aspects of our life and use the intangible goals as measure of success rather than restricting it to materialistic goals.

Setting meaningful goals to one’s life is the first step to success.
Goal/intent of a higher good adds meaning to life and our actions.

Let me now elaborate on my view that SUCCESS is a sure shot formula. Prerequisites to SUCCESS are that one needs to have a certain higher context and passion for it to manifest. And remember

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
— Winston Churchill

Let me narrate a short story to share what it is that makes SUCCESS a sure shot formula!!

The SUCCESS story

Two boys Neal and Lean were childhood friends who had love for each other that grew into respect for each other, over their growing years. Of course, life had different plans for them and they were to head in different directions after they graduated as engineers. So, they decided to meet and spend a day out together before they part.

They were excited and took out their bikes,rode out on to country side, racing and catching up, pausing, savouring the small things and finally famished, they settled down on the Dhaba in a Greenland off the highway.

They shared their innermost dreams and future goals. Later, they fixed a day, a decade later, to meet up to exchange how successful they were in achieving their dreams. Until then, they vowed not to enquire about each other.

Lean shared that he wants to be the greatest research scientist of the decade and his goal was to receive the National award in the chosen field.

Neal shared that his dream was on similar lines too.
They sportively took it ON, wished each other good, promised to meet a decade later, exactly at the same place.

Lean chose to do higher studies in a university in London and moved out of the country. Equipped with the goal to win the highest science innovation award, he chose the automobile domain and took up a postgraduate degree in that field.

Neal was not sure whether he wanted to pursue his higher studies.
First, he wanted to spend some time to figure out his goal in a more elaborate and meaningful way.
With right guidance, he explored his inner self and realised his intent to do research and innovate in a field would be meaningful to him, if it were to aid betterment of humanity and peace. THIS, is what was going to drive him forward -his HIGHER GOAL!

Years passed by and the D-day dawned. Neal and Lean were excited as the day approached and they headed to the designated place to meet each other and share their successes.

Lean arrived a little earlier as his flight to India arrived early. While waiting for Neal, he picked up the newspaper at the Dhaba. The Dhaba had successfully survived the decade. Lean read something on the paper that blew his mind out. When he was in this state of pleasant shock, warm air brushed him and as he responded to it, Neal had arrived and engaged unabashedly into a warm friendly long hug filled with joy of meeting a good old friend.

Lean exclaimed “Congratulations Neal !” pointing to the newspaper which shared the news that Neal has been nominated for the highest science innovation award!!

Lean and Neal shared their part of life’s journey last 10 years.

Lean had graduated in flying colours from this London university, equipped with the prospective PG and confidence, he joined a top notch company in automobile engineering with a envious pay package. With his hard work, and the award as his goal, he grew up in position and was soon heading a team to design innovative cars.

Unknowingly the definition of success morphed into being ahead of the rest in the game and never failing ! So, his focus seemed to be about proving himself as more capable than his peers. He laid unwarranted pressure on himself to be at the top. Slowly his ego took over and was always looking for an opportunity to gain visibility. As a result of this, he became unpopular in the team. His team began to dislike him. Demotivated, they underperformed in their jobs and some even quit his team. Without any notice, the passion turned into a mundane job and ended up as a struggle to remain ahead of others.

Lean lost focus on developing skills on design and alas, innovation took a back seat. He was stressed and burnt out. He successfully did amass all the luxuries he could ask for but the stress had taken the toll on his marriage too and divorce was on the cards. In fact, the danger of losing his job was lurking large. But thankfully, he was on inner journey mode now and realisation had dawned. If he used this failure to restart afresh, he will still be on the path to SUCCESS.


Meanwhile, as we know, Neal had set his HIGHER goal to help humanity with his acquired knowledge.
He had all along ensured he never loses sight of this higher goal.
He went on working in many faculties, product management, system requirement engineering, medical equipments, robotics and then he moved to a company dealing with mobility devices. Every juncture, he made a choice that aligned with his thirst for research and innovation, all the while listening to his inner self.
One fine day, when an opportunity in Al ( Artificial Intelligence) to make a automated life assist machine for disabled and elderly came his way, he grabbed it happily as it aligned with his higher goal of life. Not that he never failed but every time he had chosen to learn lessons and move on in a path that aligned with his higher goal. He derived guidance from this quote:

“I failed my way to success.”
— Thomas Edison

Looking back, he realised that some of his so-called failures were turning points which led him to change to different domain and it was this multi domain experience he gained that made him a perfect fit for this AI project.

The Universe had heard him and trained him for this day!
Practising gratitude had become a habit and he recognised that this opportunity was the gift from the universe to achieve his purpose to aid humanity. This fired his passion and he could give it his all, with patience and total commitment .

This context to the project didn’t make him feel he worked, it seemed like
he was unfolding a gift given to him. Filled with confidence and gratitude, he aced in his work and led his team with due diligence, being grateful for their commitment and inspiring them. His product was a revolutionary one changing the way many specially abled and elderly would live going forward!

Neal was now nominated for the National Science innovation award which was actually his initial dream to achieve.

His bigger purpose to his life,belief in the selfless goal, trust in himself and Universe that his moment would occur when right and that until then, he has to take up every opportunity that struck chord with his inner self and give his all to it was his adopted MANTRA!
He did this with joy and gratitude all through. This feeling of gratitude, counting every challenge as a door to progress kept him calm, stable and level headed which was undeterred by the so called failures.

This approach to life kept him stress free, letting him be positive in his energies.This also helped him create a prosperous loving family with happy children,parents, friends and colleagues.

He kept attracting noble people and opportunities as his energies were such, that of a greater calling than self.

The two friends had great time exchanging philosophies and indulged in fun times like good old days and parted, promising to be in touch from now ON. Inspired by Neal’s sharing, Lean promised himself to set his HIGHER GOAL before he restarts his life.


On the award ceremony day, YES, you got it right ! Neal won the award( the second place) and blessings of many specially-abled and elderly who would get a new lease of life and independence by his innovative product. During the ceremony, when interviewed, Neal summarised few points that he felt were the key ingredients for his success story.

They were,

  1. Create a Higher preferably Selfless goal, this creates Passion
  2. Being Committed to achieve it
  3. Nurturing inner self which helped make choices in life
  4. Trusting the philosophy that “ one’s wish is the command to the universe” and that universe will find a way to utilise him for betterment of the humanity
  5. And when the opportunity arrived, he could recognise it due to his spiritual strength which he had nurtured through means like yoga and meditation
  6. Being Unstoppable: He worked selflessly as he was NOT focussed on competition, he had Total acceptance of self and others
  7. He accepted each challenge or failure as a step to change direction, think afresh, learn and surge ahead with renewed vigour.This kept his energy levels positive and stable which enabled him to be consistent in his work

This was Neal’s SECRET to SUCCESS !

Some called it his luck, some attributed it to his hard work and some said he was gifted. This didn’t affect Neal as his SUCCESS was not in the award or recognition but his very own sense of fulfilment every moment in the knowing that success is not a destination, it is a way of life!

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
— Winston S. Churchill

Failure didn’t exist and challenges were seen as opportunities to move forward, savouring every bit that came his way and remaining humble and filled with gratitude in the knowing that universe had chosen him as a channel to achieve his higher goal for the mankind!!!

Neal warns “Don’t take success into your head and never attribute it to oneself, know that universe is scheming to help you achieve what you sincerely believe in and feel for. Ensure success doesn’t consume you and thus continue to remain successful, albeit definition of success keeps changing and ripens with experience and time.”

Success lies NOT in only knowing the secret, but being able to apply it as a discipline in all walks of our life!!

Try it and Grab your share of SUCCESS. It is FREE and all yours!

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Meenakshi Raina Posted on10:48 am - Aug 16, 2018

Good one but you could have make it more attractive by connecting success with other imperative aspects of life.

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