Success Saga – The thing about Success

Success Saga – The thing about Success

Success Saga – The thing about Success



If there was ever a formula for success, or a sure fire approach, human race would have self-decimated itself long time ago. And thank God, for that.


And yet, Success by no means, is entirely a freak accident or a ‘stroke of luck’. If it was, our “Places of Worship” would be fuller and our “Places of Work” would be emptier. Thank God for that too.


Many successful folks before us, have broadly laid out a frame work, a road map if you will, to go about one’s journey and increase her chances of success. Each one, though, has been mindful of not guaranteeing success.


In my own little experiments with Success and its twin, I’ve learnt so far, that it takes 3P’s as described by Stalwarts – Passion, Perseverance and Patience (For me, this order of the P’s make the most sense). These are the merely the key ingredients and not the dish, by itself.


Belief in one’s vision and Passion to achieve it is the right starter, without which there’s a certainty of failure. At every stage on the journey, and sometimes multiple times within a single day, your belief can be shaken and your passion tested. Only a deep rooted belief and an unending passion will help one stay on course and not give up. And hence, this alone can be single most important criteria to keep in mind. As some would say, a job well begun is half-done. True that.


Persevering through the journey one has laid out for herself, in the face of adversity or advantage, till they’re through with it, is the next in line. Success can be a very elusive temptress more often than not, and in most cases one doesn’t get it right in the first try. ‘Keeping at it’ in times of uncertainty, in doubt and depression, putting up with delays and dejection, taking risks one after another, requires an amount of “crazy zeal” and lots of perspiration. And if one isn’t prepared to persist, she is better off not getting started at all.


Success, sometimes could be about timing, and yet at other times could be about speed. Success could come in when it’s least expected, to some. But as times have shown us, Success mostly comes to people who’re willing to wait-it-out. People willing to try multiple approaches, people not afraid of re-building all over again and more importantly, people who’re Patient. Did they say, patience is a virtue. They said it well.


In continuation, Success could come to amateurs as much as it is due to veterans, it could be about early-risers or about first-movers, it could mean risk-taking or strategizing, sometimes needing conviction and at other times counselling. Success could be as much about winning teams, as it could be about working in isolation. Success might mean showing-up-to-work some days, and doing-the grind, on others. It could be prayers & blessings, OR logic-at-work & science-in-action. Not to mention the macro factors & the market forces, the head winds & the tail winds.


Out of all things success can be attributed to, I’m reasonably convinced that the last thing it is about, is – “You”.


Now, however radical it may seem, here’s a theory for consideration: No matter what one is after, chances are that many others, some more talented, hard-working and deserving, have gone after it too, and most without tasting success. Those that succeed, apart from all rhyme and reason, have that one factor (X) which has helped them on their journey. Call it Karma, blessings, luck or whatever else.


And this theory, helps one keep sane, when she succeeds, and lets her manage success well. It enables her to set new goals and more importantly, to pass on the ropes to the tower she just climbed, to other deserving aspirants.


A lot of literature is dedicated to “Managing Failure”, perhaps, as most aspirants end up there. Very little, in comparision, has been written about “Managing Success”. However, Success if not managed well, could lead to future failures. The heck, we all know of Rockstars who killed themselves, unable to manage their enormous success.


In conclusion, one must be happy on the path to success, and humble post reaching it!


Eager to learn your view points and experiences through your comments below.


Ninja is the pen name of Niranjan Rao Reddyshetty, who is a Dreamer and a Writer. He writes poems, songs and stories when they dawn upon him. He spends time with his family and runs his startup, the rest of the time.

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