Be the Sun, not the Sunflower!


It’s often easy to rue the fact that no one comes forward to help us in times of need, to support us when we’re shaky, and to uplift us when we fall down. It only seems natural to ask for help, especially from people who we assume, could do the favour. No harm taking help when we need it, as long as we don’t make it a habit and become dependent.


The big risk of looking “outside” for help is that when we get help, we may get used to being helped. And when we don’t find the helping hand, we tend to carry the grudge for a long time – against family, friends and the society, at large. Sometimes, this ill-will may cloud our vision to the point, that we don’t see the genuine issues our benefactors are battling with, themselves. This ill-will, then sets us on a downward spiral into further negativity and gloom.


Luckily, this can be reversed with a snap of the fingers.


When you can look “inside” for help and answers, that is. Great men and women of our times, our heroes and idols, have all helped themselves in difficult times, and helped others too. After all, it’s ‘our’ challenge/ problem and we understand all facets and nuances of it, better than anyone else and hence in a better position to solve it/ get out of it. And remember, every lock has a key and the best place to search for “our key, is in our own pockets.


Interestingly, the Sunflower gets its energy from the Sun, and follows the Sun through the day from East to West. And guess what it does in the night…it faces “East”, looking forward for the Sun to rise the next day and re-energise it.


In that parlance, you could well be the Sunflower and look towards the Sun, or be the Sun, and shine!

Ninja is the pen name of Niranjan Rao Reddyshetty, who is a Dreamer and a Writer. He writes poems, songs and stories when they dawn upon him. He spends time with his family and runs his startup, the rest of the time.

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