Transcendental Success

Transcendental Success


What does success mean?


Earning more money?

Getting a promotion?

Getting more fame?

Scoring better marks?


Well, this all is materialistic success that will stay with us today but might vanish tomorrow.

For me what matters is the SPIRITUAL SUCCESS. You are successful when you learn to let go, when you outgrow your bonds.


A year back when I lost my mother, it seemed like life had come to a standstill for me. I was not happy with the thought that she was free from her agony but I just kept worrying about me. Who will guide me? Who will mentor me? Whom will I approach in time of distress? With whom will I share my problems, my pain? It was just me and me. I wanted my life to be easy. Being the eldest means all the responsibility would be on me now.


But as days passed by, as months started rolling, I started accepting the fact. The circumstances, the responsibility of my father, younger sisters made me realize that I just can’t crib about what I have lost. I had to be strong as a rock. Everyone was trying to cope up with the loss.


As Mahatria says, “There is something very beautiful about death. It is to the person. Not to the presence. It is to the body, not to the soul.” Mumma’s body had left me but her soul is always besides me. Her sayings, her living example is always there to guide me. She is like a star in the sky who gives me clues and hints when I am confused to take my decisions or come up with a solution.


I started recollecting the happy times spent with her. It would give me courage to fight the odds. The guidance which she gave me for 40 years didn’t die with her. They are and will always remain etched in my mind. The sanskars that she planted within me have developed deep roots and still help me to become a better person, the person I am.



I remember; how she used to teach me cooking, criticize me even if little salt was less. But its her criticism which has helped me to reach at the perfectionist stage. Whatever I am today is all because of her.


Previously, I would close myself in a cocoon during a problem and expect Mumma to take my decisions to make my life simpler. And now, whenever any issue arises, I close my eyes and visualize her, that how she would bring me out of the problem. Though late, but I learnt to carve my path myself without depending on anyone else.


Success for me means learning to let go the pain of her leaving us, not holding on the possessiveness for her, becoming a matured individual in handling situations independently, start perceiving about us (the family) instead of me and only me, believing in God’s doings and accepting it as blessings, getting more calm and patient like Mumma had been in handling crisis.

As B.K.Shivani teaches; the three F’s

Face it

Fight it

Finish it

Once we are spiritually successful, it always stays with us and helps us to become a peaceful soul.

As said by my mentor, Suma Varughese,” Life is about going forward and not backward. No matter what life throws at us, believe that we are obliged to unfalteringly move ahead to receive it. And when we do that, a passage will open for us that will take us safely forward…”

-Khushi Uttamchandani

Khushi Krish
Khushi Krish

From Surat, I am a homemaker, avid reader and wild explorer of thoughts, be it mine or others'. I venture out into philosophies unthought of, hoping to find something that makes sense, like me.


Aparna Posted on11:09 am - Jul 19, 2018

Spirituality brings us closer to oneself, our inner core, once we acquiesce to it, success is all ours.

Meenakshi Raina Posted on11:05 am - Aug 16, 2018

Nice read but you could have made it more beautiful by including other imperative aspects of life which can be correlated with Success.

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