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Two nation theory

Hindu family Grandmother….Dulari Parimoo Grandfather….Lalit Parimoo Father…..Vijay Parimoo Mother ….Kiran Parimoo Son…Aditya Parimoo Daughter…Aditi Parimoo Muslim family… Mother….Tahira Malik Father….Farhan Malik Eldest daughter….Almaz Malik Second daughter….Aalia Malik Youngest daughter…Asifa Malik Son….Rehaan Malik Son’ best friend….Maroof Mohammad   A few drifting clouds of haze painted the morning sky a silvery grey. Misty silhouettes against the dismal

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Do Everything with a Good Heart = ” Gratitude”

  Do Everything with a Good Heart = ”Gratitude” Why Gratitude is Necessary! People with high levels of vitality tend to have some of the traits that mostly grateful people do, like high level of optimism and satisfaction from life. Gratitude increases physical & mental well-being which in turn increases human energy levels as shown below in the pictorial representation. My Real Story Begins

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  Success Success is the achievement that you have been trying to do . the people think having a lot of money being healthy get job is success . This success come from doing practices in life. We face many challenge all that we want to come out . We should plan our goal in

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