Epilogue of What success means to me-Rajababu

Epilogue of What success means to me-Rajababu

Epilogue to the topic of Success:

Success sounds good. It tastes good and feels good. As the cliche goes, behind every successful man, there is a woman (and as Whats App geeks would testify, if the Man is not successful, then the woman will not be behind him!!!). Success has the same meaning in any country, any race, any tribe, and any state of India. Success is a sweet feeling, and I have yet to see a boy or a girl weeping copiusly while climbing on to the stool named No. 1 after any sports ceremony. Well, Success is cool.

Readers could be faulted for getting deceived by the above definition of Success. If we write the above paragraph in any standard CBSE school composition in ant state in india, and add a few more feel good paragraphs, the student is assured out of atleast 8 out of 10 marks, and in a curious twist of fate, he or she is declared a success.

Every recipient of success in this world scripts their own meaning of success. And they should and have a right to. After all, its time we stopped treating success like a bottle of ready-made jam off the Big Bazaar counter, and went home and opened it the same way we do every month, and spread it out on the bread the same archaic way. Well, no, success is slightly different and deserves to be treated as such. While we can spend days and hours talking about what success means to us, I would not want to be the first ‘Murderer by boring’ candidate (thus forcing the government to issue an ordnance on this), and hence would present a few (what I think to be) important musings. And yes, this blog will certainly not end with : the above is the illustrative and exhaustive list of what Success means to me, and we all lived happily every after. its highly possible that readers might be forced to yawn after reading the very first few words of this treatise, and then again, will you? Will you? lets see, and maybe if you dont, then I should treat it as my paradigm of success.

Shall I try and give competition to Wordsworth and William Blake by calling Success as the first glistening dewdrops of the nascent morning? Or shall I attempt to give a eulogy to VS Naipaul by caling it as the fetid, sombre stench of monotonous hard work coupled with the unwashed, smelly wafts from the underarms of a Bong worker who pulls the rickshaw across the Howrah bridge, day after day after day? Or should I, in the style of ex-IIM students, turned writers, call it as the stifled orgasms emanating from Hostel Room No. 4 of IIT Ganga, where the girl has been smuggled in by the engineering graduate, after biribing the sentry with half a bottle of IMFL?

What shall get me the first prize? What shall get me the certificate from Captain Sahana and gushes and Oohs and Aahs from a starry eyed audience? How shall I arrange my words so that I can get both Mme. Kiran Bedi and Mme. Priya Datt to tweet non-stop about my portion of the book on success, in a manner than makes even Arnab Goswami have a full hour of 9 celebrities talking non stop about me, at 9 pm Prime time on Republic channel? Or am I being smart and saying implicitly that hey guys, Understand that all of the above are my paradigms of success, and that I will not spell it out in didactic details for you, because we are no longer in Grade V, where things have to be pointed out to us and that we are all as Sparkians, supposed to read the lines, between the lines and beyond the lines. is my crafty Tam brahm mind acting overmart as usual?

Heheh, keep thinking on that, and well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And well, for those looking for serious, nuanced takeaways in true corporate style, here is a list of what Success means to me:

1. Success is like our breath. Its should be practiced every second, and we cannot and should not stop thinking about success.
2. Success means not talking negative things, and not doing negative things. We never called Adolf Hitler as successful, by the way.
3. Success means simplicity. Lets not pretend to talk bombastic things, so that people think we are successful. There is no correlation.
4. Success means doing what we like doing, and doing it for the sheer fun of it, in a manner that does not make us feel like a jail inmate.
5. Success means having no crow lines on your forehead, and few overcrowded thoughts in your mind. Lets change our mind interiors from a crowded chawl to a spacious seaside simple resort.
6. Success means bullet points. Always. Never a long winding prose, where one yawns in between.
7. Success means chilling out with everyone we know and not having to hide from anyone, or not having to avoid anyone because they are from a lower class. In the same breath, success means having the ability to ask about your office boys’ child’s health las night even in front of 5 other businessmen.
8. Success means the lack of need to boast about one’s achievements. Because only unsuccessful people need to boast. Successful people are their own walking advertisement.
9. Success means doing what you like to do and which you excel at, and which you know that society likes you to do, in a manner that makes you happy and full of life everytime you do it.
10. Success means the ability not to compare with other people and bemoan your so called fate. As a 65 year old for example, its possible that you may have to spend 8 momths in an old age home. Embracing this well is success and crying about it and thinking how cruel hearted your family was to let you go, is failure.
11. Also, repeated faiure is a form of success, since it allows you to try one more time.

hey guys get up! Was this all so boring? or is it the blog yu read before me? Whatever it is, pretend to look fresh, and clap once I say many thanks for a patient hearing.

Ok, many thanks for a patient hearing. Kindly encourage your friends also to purchase a copy of this book.

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Meenakshi Raina Posted on10:36 am - Aug 16, 2018

Nice read but other aspects if included would have made it more imperative.

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