Do Everything with a Good Heart = ” Gratitude”

Do Everything with a Good Heart = ” Gratitude”


Do Everything with a Good Heart = ”Gratitude”

Why Gratitude is Necessary!

People with high levels of vitality tend to have some of the traits that mostly grateful people do, like high level of optimism and satisfaction from lifeGratitude increases physical & mental well-being which in turn increases human energy levels as shown below in the pictorial representation.

My Real Story Begins as penned down

19 long years ago, I recollect going through these trying times. My life was going nowhere. Life in the metro of Mumbai cannot be easy; you have dreams in your eyes, hope in your heart and on the other hand it is extremely difficult to land a job competent enough to fulfill them. You have huge bills to pay, a high amount of rent at the end of each month– a frustrating situation, isn’t it?

“Survival of the fittest became my mantra” – I settled for a marketing job and holed up with a couple of friends to scrimp on the rent. My struggle for a good job continued; day by day the count of number of companies where I had applied for a job increased. I had put in my application to five big companies but was not getting a reply from anyone of them. The situation worsened with each passing day, plunging me deeper and deeper into sorrow. I was in a zombie like state; my heart was not ready to accept this as my fate.

One day as I was making one of those endless sales calls in a quiet suburb of Mumbai; my mind was going through an emotional turmoil. I could not bring myself to accept this bleak situation and many conflicting thoughts arose in my mind.Hope and despair alternated like the squares in a chess board and destiny seemed like a checkmate always… I kept asking myself the same questions repeatedly, “Why, Oh why is this happening to me?”, “When will things change for the better?”

I asked the universe to send me a signal, a physical signal, not one which I could not see or hear. A signalwhich would quell my never ending despair, anger and hurt;resulting from the repeated failures.

Then epiphany dawned upon me- suddenly everything became crystal clear – I was focusing on all the wrong things instead of the right ones. All my energy was channelized towards the gloomy aspects of my life. Something which I had read on the net flashed before me In the parlance of new age, we attract more of what we focus upon, and what we resist persists, but what we accept, we learn from and no longer need to incur.

I decided to prepare a gratitude list; I admiI found it a bit cumbersome, a time consuming project. But as I kept adding to my list, I felt nothing but overwhelmed. Day by day I started journaling and adding to my gratitude list.

One day out of the blue, I received a phone call from a friend who was a manger with a bank. I quickly recalled that had submitted my resume to him a few months back and completely forgotten about it. He asked me whether I would be interested in working in their sister concern. A dream came true. How could I refuse? The answer was nothing but a strong ‘YES’.

My first day at the new job went off smoothly. My sincerity and hard work paid off, my reputation at my workplace soared. I got a standing ovation as an acknowledgement for my contribution and commitment.

All this was possible because of a shift in my attitude to gratitude. Within no time I acquired the reputation of a person who would get the right things done at the right time. As a virtue of my work I was fast gaining name and fame. Soon, I had neared my goals , my vision became clearer.

Incidentally one day, while I was travelling in the Mumbai local, I realized I was carrying my house key, which I was supposed to hand it over to my friend who had planned to return to his room early in the day. So I decided to get down at the next station and return to my room. Voila! A surprise was awaiting me. I became breathless. To my utter disbelief and amazement, I spotted a courier from the bank. When I opened it, I was moved beyond imagination. It contained my appointment letter. 

Finally, I had succeeded to establish and accomplish a goal which held my primary vision.


‘THE ONLY ATTITUDE IS GRATITUDE’ this has been my motto for years and yes, it has completely changed my life.

Vijay Sampath
Vijay Sampath

I am constantly on a quest for self-improvement, which leads me to dig for more information, analyze it for trends and relevant findings, draw conclusions, make recommendations based on findings, and communicate the results in a clear and accurate manner.Communication skills are another asset that makes me an ideal staff member. After researching and analyzing data, I excel at presenting the results, either in writing or orally, in a concise and accurate manner. I have also demonstrated Monitoring and Evaluation skills. I have analyzed well through my work experience how programs meet their established goals; determined how effective they are based on their existing practices; and developed options for their improvement.

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