When God Jumps in to help…

When God Jumps in to help…

When God Jumps in to help…

When God jumps in to help

It was a time when the preparation for the Football Tournament was in full swing at my office. There
was a lot of excitement in the air and we had kept the criteria of preparing mixed teams.

My Team Leader was working on another project so she had given my colleague and me the responsibility of
preparing the teams. As planned, we assembled at 10 in the morning and started off instantly as it had to be prepared in
an Excel  sheet.

My colleague was a pro at Excel, so he worked in full swing to prepare the best team combinations. Although, I was just sitting and watching, it gave me an opportunity to hone my skills. He was using my computer and it amazed me to witness his proficiency. A total of 16 teams were formed which comprised of 10 members in each team. This required incorporation of data of 160 players in addition to some backups in the Excel sheet.

My team leader by now had started moving in and out of the room to check on the developments as we had to submit the list by 2 p.m. which happened to be the deadline for general intimation. She appeared excited and tensed, as the other assignment was equally important. It was time-consuming and had sapped her energy levels.

Finally at 1 p.m. we were ready with the list. We made sure that the file was saved before returning to our respective desks. Meanwhile, I closed the Excel sheet and was feeling relaxed. My team leader requested me to send the list across to her without any further delay in order to facilitate a quick notification.

Soon enough, I opened a new mail and attached the concerned file: football.xls. Ever cautious that I am, I had turned it into a practice to check anything and everything before sending it to my seniors.

As I opened the file, it displayed an error saying,

“File is corrupted”

Can you believe this? We worked  for 3 hours without a break on a data of 160 people and the file is suddenly corrupted!
Fear gripped me as my team leader was already anxious due to the other assignment and now if she would come to know about this disaster she would possibly kill me. I was taking time and thinking what to do?

Just then she screamed and asked “What’s taking you so much time?” Just send the file right away, now”. Somehow, I managed to blurt and quite softly told her that the file was not opening and it was showing as corrupt.

She could not believe what she was hearing. She spoke loudly at the top of her voice. “Are you mad? After 3 hours of work you are telling me this…. Ridiculous! I want that file anyhow. Do what you can. Sit with your colleague again and start afresh”.

I tried everything and even googled for solutions. I even tried to implement a couple of them but was unsuccessful.
I was nervous and scared as the file had to go in an hour. I even took the assistance of another colleague who is
very tech savvy, but eventually, he could not help either.

Finally, it dawned on me, that, when you are helpless and have no other options, you turn to GOD for help and He never disappoints. I desperately sought His help and He answered.

While searching in Google, I came across a software called “Kernel for Excel” demo, which is a software exclusively meant to repair Excel files.  Within no time, I downloaded that software and added the corrupted Excel file. Voila! It was working on the Excel file. I was hopeful and was longing for some magic to happen.

The software had repaired the file and was showing the preview.

Looking at the preview, I was relieved. It brought the shine back into my eyes as I had almost given up.
I tried to download the file but guess what? I had to pay for it as the software was a demo. Just then, I was again starting to lose hope.

I tried doing a copy paste of the preview.  To my relief, it allowed me to do that and the file was subsequently recovered.I informed my team leader about the same and she was obviously delighted.

Phew! Deep within, I was thanking GOD and was just singing His praise that “You are the Savior”, “You are the real Father”, “You are always looking over me”. I think, I continued for an hour and then for the entire day, I was full of GRATITUDE towards GOD and was sharing my experience with almost everyone.

I sincerely recommend people to download “Kernel for Excel” if you happen to face a similar situation. Also, be hopeful and remember to share your problems with GOD as He will always help and love unconditionally.


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