Gratitude has the power to heal every loss in your life

Gratitude has the power to heal every loss in your life

Gratitude has the power to heal every loss in your life

Don’t take your life for granted because we don’t know how long we are going to live here.  Therefore, develop an attitude of gratitude for all that you have.

9th May 2010, an unforgettable Sunday of my life.  The day started as usual.  My daughter, had just completed her 12th class board exams.  She was expecting her results. At that very moment, she was asleep.  It was 10:35  in the morning and I happened to be busy in the kitchen, when my son shouted, “Bye Mom, I am leaving for my classes”.  I came running to the front room and asked him to just give me five minutes.’ I will feed you sambar rice’ .(normally he  would  do all his chores by himself but that day I wanted to feed my 15 year old son with my own hands, without having any idea that destiny had some other plans).

Surprisingly, my son waited for his meal as requested  by me.  Within 5 minutes, I prepared a plate of arachuvitta sambar rice (one of my son’s favourite dish) with aloo bhaji.  Since, he was getting late,  I took one portion of aloo and made bhaji for him and roasted it nicely.  Within  no time, I came into the hall and served him the food in a plate. He said, “Mom, I am getting late”.  My husband, who was sitting beside him, assured him that he would drop him in his car to his classes (which usually he never did).  My son felt so happy listening to his father’s words.  He then took the plate from my hands and asked for a spoon (since he didn’t have to wash his hands after eating).  He ate without any hurry and then started for his classes.  As he was nearing the front door, he turned back,  gave me a hearty smile and wished me bye (I would always melt when he  smiled and that moment the same thing happened to me).  I smiled back at him and wished him bye, not knowing that tragedy was waiting to unfold in our family.

It was 3:00 p.m. but our son had not returned from his classes.  My husband and I, didn’t find anything  unusual  for his delay as sometimes he would visit  his friends and call us from there that he would come late.

As I got myself thinking about this, the telephone rang.  My husband attended the call and someone from the other side said,  ‘Your son has met with an accident, so come fast.’  They didn’t mention the name of the Hospital where he was admitted.  On enquiry,  we were able to track the name of the Hospital and rushed there to see our son lying on the bed. The  Doctors consoled us saying that he had died due to head injury.  They further added that he had breathed his last before arriving to the hospital. Later, we came to know that his friend was riding the bike when they met with an accident in which our son could not survive whereas his friend had no injury at all.  There was no bleeding  on his head or on his body.

Looking at his face, it seemed,  as if he was in deep sleep.  I touched him and realized that may be he was supposed to leave us like this.  The shock, made me still and quiet. No  tears trickled down my eyes.  I am a great devotee of Goddess Mooghambhigha (situated at Kollur, Karnataka).  Trust me, at that time; I only believed that my son was resting  in the safe hands of the Goddess.

But whenever, I tried recollecting the memories which I had with my son, I got stuck in them.  Remembering that very day (the suggested signals and omens striking from the morning) I asked myself why I had fed my son, why my husband dropped him in class and why he smiled at me while going for his classes? Was it all a part of a Divine plan?  May be, God knew that our son would  not  come back, so He let it happen in this way. People, including our family members, enquired  from his friend as to how this accident  transpired but I never asked him anything about this mis-happening.  I truly felt there was no need of questioning anyone. When the person whom you love the most, is no more, it does not matter.  Rather, I thanked God that his friend was safe. Otherwise how his family would have accepted this shocking incident, no one could guess.

It’s been eight years, since he left us but I never questioned my Goddess.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Death: whether natural or accidental,  has to come anyway.  Don’t try to judge, analyze or question it.  We must accept the hard facts  and our destiny. This would enable us to  remain peaceful and stable in every given situation in our lives.

It is impractical to say that we cannot live without our loved ones. The fact why we become depressed after an irreparable loss is that we miss the emotional bonding, love, attachment and support with our loved ones. This can be healed  with time when we start feeling and expressing our gratitude to the Divine for what remains in our lives.

It gives me contentment, when I tell myself that I have taken good care of him till the time he was with me.  May be his time had come early, so he was taken at the appropriate time as per his karma. One day, all of us have to leave this body and are in the waiting list.

We live only once, so live gracefully with an attitude of gratitude.  Say no to ego, forgive quickly and most importantly when you get up in the morning, be grateful to The  Divine for blessing you with another day and try to make the most of it.  Don’t hold grudges in your heart rather, wear a Divine smile on your face and make others feel happy with your positive aura.

Death is not in our hands but expressing gratitude is definitely in our hands.  So make a habit to say thanks and be grateful for  the little things in our life.

Try it and trust me, it is therapeutic for you as well as for all those whom you meet in your life.  God bless all.


Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray Posted on2:36 pm - Aug 29, 2018

I am sincerely touched , moved and mentally bothered. The strength of your mind has enlightened me to think beyond my domain of consideration.
I’m left with a feeling of gratefulness.
Thank you for endorsing the truth of life .

Raadhaaki Posted on3:35 pm - Aug 29, 2018

How soo heartfelt and how gracefully you’ve come to terms with Life and Death!
Soo much to learn from you –your spirit of acceptance that is v.healing…

Falguni Shah Posted on3:49 pm - Aug 29, 2018

Touched with the calmness & strength of your mind after the most unrepairable loss in your life.
Thanks for sharing your personal life & giving us a sense of attitude with gratitude.

Hiren Patel Posted on5:19 pm - Aug 29, 2018

OMG! Hatts of to you Mam!
I am speechless after reading your article…it’s not article actually… it’s very deep meaning Lesson you gave me : Gratitude. no matter what is the situation, I must not forget to show my gratitude to Divine!

I must say that you are very strong and I respect your Mental Strength… Thank you Thank You Thank You

Sriharsh Vaidya Posted on5:58 pm - Aug 29, 2018

This is one of the finest transformational write ups I have ever seen. The Attitude of Gratitude with such an emotional balance is simply incredible.

Thank You so much Lalitha Hariharan for sharing your transcendental words and emotions. Your story has really planted a strong seed of Gratitude in me.

God bless You…??

Neelam Posted on6:15 pm - Aug 29, 2018

Really very touching story. Hard to believe that you could take it all in such a composed way. Real guts. Lots to learn from you dear Lalitha.

Meenakshi Raina Posted on8:30 am - Aug 30, 2018

It needs guts to face and to accept the harsh realities of life. It is said that time heals everything but more than that it depends upon one’s conviction and will power to deal with the situations, which is beyond one’s control.

There are people who keep on grumbling for their sufferings till their last breath yet there are exceptional people who courageously come out of their most painful agony within a short span of period because of their strong determination and by surrendering completely to the Divine. Lalitha Hariharan, you are one of those exceptional souls. Salute to your invincible spirit. God bless all.

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