Success is the achievement that you have been trying to do . the people think having a lot of money being healthy get job is success .

This success come from doing practices in life. We face many challenge all that we want to come out . We should plan our goal in a systematic way. Then we will get success.

As soon as I heard the word success. I remember I remember my view on how to be successful person in life.

Every people have ambition in life.  To achieve our goal, we should plan every year to reach our desire. It come from,

1 association of right people


3 desire


5 Indulgent

6 Reward

7 Happiness

Life is busy, we should choose our wants and focus on that .days are moving very fast each day we should plan and take action. We fear to come out from comfort zoon .this is one of the draw back to success

People are good and bad in society choose the people who will guide you surround with them will help to have good feature.

To have strong desire

  1. Hearing more and more
  2. Then our perception change in life
  3. We start believe like that
  4. Associate with that kind of people people
  5. Then our belief change
  6. New perception develop
  1. View change

Never stop till you reach your destination. Life is full of success and failure. We should be always moving, failure teach us a lesson then on day we will reach to success.

Success is an achievement what we did through the life. In society there are positive and negative people . When we achieve our goal all will appreciate us.

Success is not in what you have but who you are. Success is achieve new thinks, be setting a goal. It is not what you have already by doing the hard work you can achieve anything



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