Divine soulmate is a person... 

Whose frequency of thoughts 
matches with yours

Whose vision of life
is similar to yours

Who loves you the way
the way you are

Who accepts you wholeheartedly
 for the person you are

Who values your feelings
 like the beats of a heart

Who perceives your unsaid emotions
 like mother understands her child

Who values yours individuality
 and cares for your freedom

Who proves to be a best friend
 and makes you significant

Who takes care of your comfort 
and prays for your happiness

Who takes care of your safety
 by making you a priority

Who uplifts your soul
 in chasing your goals

Who feels happy for your accomplishments
 and keeps you inspiring

Who keeps the child alive in you
 and let your innocence go on 

Who understands your pain
 and won't let you bear it alone

Who celebrates the life 
only with you

Who feels blissful
 while talking to you

Who laughs with you 
but not at you

Who makes you smile 
without any occasion

Who stood by you 
no matter how it would be

Who proudly walks with you 
wherever it leads you two

Who urges for your togetherness
 in all the upcoming births 

A Divine soulmate is a person 
Who touches your soul 
With whom your soul gets
 a divine compatibility