“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.” – Karl Barth

Gratitude has been defined as a quality of being grateful, show recognition to others and extend support.

In this VUCA world, Social Media propelled with Artificial Intelligence has become a medium of virtual happiness.   People have committed themselves to so much data that we have forgotten the body intelligence which works only through touch and human connection.

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet some of the ‘thought leaders’ who came together from different continents to share their research, experience and learning with a larger audience. One of the focus areas was ‘Consciousness Chaos’.  They revealed startling facts and demonstrated how we hold back ourselves from realizing our full potential by avoiding live interactions or holding back whole-hearted participation in wake of digital age and how we are losing on creating an everlasting impact by not interacting em-pathetically with full use of our physical presence.

The ‘Consciousness Chaos’ was presented by Stephen Evans who owns a circus and is a ‘Theater Coach’.  He shared the following insights while making full use of podium, his presence of mind and entertaining ways of interaction with the audience:

  • If you cannot be compassionate to your own-self, you cannot be of service to others.
  • Awareness of consciousness is the first step towards compassion.
  • People who are compassionate are not nervous
  • Shy is selfish. People walk around with ‘Spotlight Syndrome’ which prevents them from being their true self and thereby hinders all the good they have, to offer to others.  We act shy because we are afraid of any possible public humiliation.
  • Shyness also leads to nervousness and fear because of which a chemical messenger called ‘Adrenaline’ is released which stops us from dreaming and acting rational.
  • VUCA world demands people to act and communicate quickly. So! be conscious of the wonderful instrument called ‘body’. 
  • To engage with the world, we must make justice to the resources available to us through body, voice, speech and imagination. It is through this unique combination of resources that we can create wonders on this planet.
  • Step away from the herd to be heard.
  • We need to articulate our body to remind ourselves of our own freedom.
  • Therefore, working smart means working harder than hard. Whatever be our current reality, we can change it through our consciousness.

Stephen Evans made us laugh and dance to his tunes.  His words proved to be highly influential to enable everyone to stop thinking about what others think about us and contribute to the moment with our appreciation, questions and doubts and stories.  He expressed deep gratitude to us and in turn we felt deep gratitude for his value sharing, enthusiasm and great energy transfer.

I express gratitude to the universe for presenting me this opportunity as some of my assignments were clashing with the conference dates because of which I couldn’t register but one of my friends insisted me to attend even if I could make half a day count.  I landed up attending the 2nd day of the conference with many surprise meets.  I met people whom I have been knowing for over a year but had never met them in person.  Evan’s learning made a huge difference to how we think and act while meeting people and making new connections.  It generates faith, goodwill and a feeling of abundance thereby taking away the chaos out of our consciousness.

If the learning changed something within you today or added value, express gratitude by leaving your comments.  Thank you!

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