“Taking a Decision to be Different From the Crowd” or “Choosing a Career Path Which Resonates With Who You Are” is Generally Considered as a BIG RISK because Many Times Such Decisions don’t Fit Easily into the Logic Structure of Our Parents, Siblings and Some of Our Close People Who Actually Mean a Lot to us.

To be Honest, there is Nothing Wrong with them because for them “Choosing to be Different” Means “High Chances of Failing to Attain a Safe and Secure Life”. Thus, When You Declare that You Want to be Different, You Invite Almost All Bigger Battles of Your Life. So Certainly, the Harmony  Visible in Relationships is Up for a Toss because You can’t Guarantee Your Loved Ones About How Much Time You are Going to Take for a Significant Financial Breakthrough in Your Chosen Path.


It was October 2013 when I took that BIG RISK in my life by Quitting My High Paying Job to be an Entrepreneur. Thus, Venturing into a Highly Promising and Proven Business Model. Initially, I started with a Small Investment but  eventually Decided to Invest More Money, expecting huge profits in the long run.  This was  undoubtedly  a Huge Step forward. It Might Sound Weird but I Increased My Investments to Almost 15 times from where I started. All these exaggerated  Investments were processed with Money Borrowed from Different Sources comprising Family Funds and Bank Loans.

I was Pretty Sure of Making Good Profits. I Started Making Little Money in the First 4 Months but after that, For almost 8 months I was literally broke. I was Working Hard Yet No Good Results came my way. Overall, the First Year of Business was Miserable and in the 2nd year the Income Started flowing  but Most of the Time, the Amount of Money that I Used to Generate was being spent in Repayments of Interest, EMI’s and Other Business Operational Costs. Sometimes, I had to Borrow Money from My Friends for my Survival and Sustenance. To be Precise, I wasn’t Making Any Considerable Amount of Money to Show My Family that the Decision to Tread on a Different Path  was Absolutely Right. The Irony  of the Matter was that I was Instrumental in Making Other People to Earn Good Amount of Profits but When it came to My Earnings I was Experiencing a Series of Failures.

The Saga of Financial Crunches Continued for another  2 Years. Life gets Tough When We See that Things aren’t Happening as Per Our Own Plan. Even after Careful Planning and Flawless Execution, There will be Times When We Don’t Get Any of the Desired Outcomes. Especially When We are Working on Something Which We Believe in, By Standing Against All Odds, then  the Experience of coming to Terms with Financial Crisis is Absolutely Terrible,

It was Hard to Digest that Even After Having Good Intentions, Good Expertise and Huge Potential in the Business, Forget About Huge Money, I was Just Struggling to Earn so that I can Pay My Bills. I was Angry with Myself, For what I Loved to do Seemed like a Curse Now. All My Focus was on Financial Terms. Whoever Wanted to Judge My Growth in the Last 4 years Would Only Consider How Much I  Made Financially. It was More than 4 years and Yet I didn’t Reach a Point of Break-Even.  Meanwhile, I Kept Myself Motivated all these years by Reading Inspirational Stories and coming across Videos  of those Who  were able to Flourish and Prosper in Spite of Many Shortcomings.  Thereafter, I implemented Some of the Proven Strategies of My Seniors and other Successful People in the Same Business but Somehow Nothing was Working for Me.

Oct’ 2013 to Dec’ 2017 was a Period Where I was Looking at Life Only with a Materialistic Perspective. The Observations and my  Introspection have urged me to Conclude that “I haven’t Made the Money that I Expected to Make in the Last 4 Years and I haven’t Made My People Feel Proud by Showing Financial Success in Last 4 Years”

I Considered Myself a Big Failure. What I was Missing was the Other Way or I would say the Right Way of Looking at Life.  I kept Asking Myself that,

“There was Something Missing in this Journey. What was that ?”

“I was Feeling Like I was Doing All the Things but There was Something Which I failed to include Within Me. What was that Quality or Factor which I perhaps Overlooked?”

Jan’ 2018 was the Beginning of a Whole New Transformational Era for Me. It was the time to  Steer and Navigate, to Find the Answers to All My Questions. Several Self-Help Books Came My Way to Make My Mind Receptive to the Wisdom Which I was Seeking.


In Feb’ 2018, Hiren Patel, One of My Business Partners Suggested Me to Read Bhagavad Gita. I followed his advice  and Started Reading it. Thus, I Resumed Looking at Life with a Spiritual Perspective. I Continued to Read Other Books on Spirituality, in the Same Scope, that furthered  my Knowledge  in GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS. I had Faith in God Earlier too, but What I Realized after Reading  such Books and By Listening to the Talks of Bona Fide Spiritual Masters was Altogether at a Different Level.

When I Changed  My Outlook on Life, I Realized  that All the Struggling Years were in fact TRUE BLESSINGS in Disguise.. Every Person Who Came in My Life had contributed to Lead Me to a Higher Pedestal. Some People taught me the DO’s and Some taught me DON’T’s but Somehow All the People and All the Hard Times had influenced  me to Emerge more Stronger and Better than Who I was. I was not able to See the Good in the Situation but Deep Down all this was Happening to Prepare Me for Bigger Opportunities in the Future.

I Realized that Due to Inappropriate Guidance, the Biggest Thing I Kept Missing was the Real Meaning of GRATITUDE. I had a love for What I was Pursuing. Simultaneously, I Got Misled  by Ego Several Times, I Got Angry on Myself and On the People When I couldn’t See the Expected Results. NEVERTHELESS,  I found Happiness and Celebrated When things went Well but APPARENTLY forgot  to Thank and Acknowledge the Things already Conspicuous with their presence . I Realized that GRATITUDE  was  NOT Only About Being Grateful When Things Happen According to our Wish but GRATITUDE  meant Being Grateful for Everything that Happens in Life.

Since the day I realized the Value of GRATITUDE and the Blissfulness in Being GOD-CONSCIOUS I have seen a Remarkable Shift in My Thought Process. My Understanding about Life has improved to An Extent that I  have became More Inquisitive for the Ultimate Cause of Events  Happening Around. I Started Attracting People and Things that Can Bring  the Best in Me. The Urge to Apply a Meaning or Logic in Everything has been Reduced and the Idea of Seeing Things “as it is” has been  generously Inculcated in Me. Financial Abundance has arrived  in  My Life. What Seemed as Failures in  the Past have opened up  New Platforms towards Prosperity with Peace.

Last 4 Months were like Game Changers. After Getting Exposed to the Real Essence of Spirituality in Material Life, I Got introduced to the Esoteric Studies of ENERGY SCIENCES. The Wisdom Attained  from the World of PRANIC HEALING has Given a Greater Contribution to Learning and Understanding Many of the Missing Links of My Life. Most Significantly, I believe,  “The last 4 to 5 years has Actually laid a Strong Foundation to take My  Business Ventures to a Whole New Level. Financially I haven’t Elevated to the Expected Level but Mentally and Spiritually I have raised Myself to a Stage where I can sustain the Upcoming Growth in a More Effective Way. The real rewards were  the People and their Association. My Financial Set Back Was the Cost of what I Paid to Earn the Trust and Co-operation of People Who have Worked with Me”.

 The Past 4 years was the SOWING Time and  the Coming Years are What I call as REAPING Time, wherein I could harvest the Fruits of Labour.

The intention behind Sharing My Story is to Emphasise on Reaffirmation to Many People Who are Like Me. I know it’s Very Hard to See a Positive Vision in the Time of Setbacks, I know How Tough it is to Give Hope to Our Loved Ones When We have already Broken Many of the Promises Made in the Past, I know How Bad it Feels When Your Efforts don’t Give Good Results for a Long Time but the Best Part of this Journey is that Over a Period of Time Every Worst Thing We have gone Through Will Pay Off in the Best Way Possible. I have Started REAPING the Benefits Now and I am Sure You will Reap too Very Soon. Truly the ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE can Bring the Paradigm Shift in Everything We Do.

I believe My Story has Reached You because SPARK has Given the Opportunity to Share. I Sincerely Express My GRATITUDE to SPARK for Giving Such a Wonderful Platform to Share and Learn from Many Amazing Writers.

I am Deeply Grateful to My Parents and My Wife Sunayana Who has Patiently Stood by Me in all the Good and not so Good Times of My Life. In fact, it’s a Huge List of People Who have Contributed in My Transformational Journey but Hiren Patel, Dr. Gazal Goyal, Chetan Bansal, and Sai Krishna Tallam are  a Few of the Very Important Ones Who have been Instrumental in Bringing the Best Out of Me.

Thank You So Much!!!

Sriharsh Vaidya

About the Author:

Sriharsh Vaidya is a Co-Creator of IN THE ZONE CONNECTING SOULS, an Organization which Works for the Well-Being of Humanity by Providing its Services which includes Life Coaching, Career Counseling, Entrepreneurship, Web Development, Digital, Marketing, Energy Sciences, Graphology, Spiritual Sciences.

His Purpose of Life is to Contribute to Build a World wherein People Choose to Lead their Life not based on what the Outside World forces them to do but based on What their Inside World Inspires them to do!!!

Sriharsh is an MBA Grad with Specialisation in Marketing and Finance. He has Worked in Corporate for 6 Years with Chemical and Biotechnology based companies which provide solutions in the stream of Water & Waste Water Management for Clients which majorly fall under Automobile, Textile, Paper, Chemical, and Petroleum & Petrochemical industries.

He ventured into the Direct Selling Industry in 2013 and has worked around Professional Networking, Team Building, Event Management, Business Development through Direct and Indirect Distribution Channels and Training & Development Initiatives in the area of Entrepreneurship, Psychology and Spiritual Sciences.

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  1. The struggling phase in our lives is the period when we are growing emotionally strong. But at the same time, it is equally true that it is the faith on Almighty and the love and support of people around us, which keeps us going and because of which we conquer over our struggles and become successful.

    Great write up Sriharsh Vaidya on Gratitude.

    Keep writing and keep inspiring.

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