Gratitude : One Quality In Attitude Which Can Change Your Life

Give Respect Always To Impact Teacher and Understand
Dimension of Everything!!!

Meaning:- हमेशा शिक्षक को प्रभावित करने और सब आयाम को समझने के लिए सम्मान दें!!!

I have Acquired this One incredible Quality Which has Increased My Quality Of LIFE. Before I Start Sharing What  GRATITUDE means to Me and How It is Helping Me in My Journey of Life, I would like to extend My Sincere GRATITUDE to Capt. Sahana and SPARK Family for Creating a  Wonderful Platform for us, Where We have an Opportunity to Inspire and Get Inspired Together. I Really Appreciate the Efforts and Commitment to Keep SPARK Alive in All of Us.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

My Mother is a Teacher and She has  sewed this Quality in My Character – Having Gratitude for Everything.

  • She is the Role Model for Me.
  • She is the World for Me.
  • She is the Reason and Inspiration behind WHY I DO & WHAT I DO.
  • She is the Source of My Energy.
  • She is God for Me and My Sister. We Keep  her with us at Every Moment in Whatever We do.
  • She is My Best Friend who is Always there for Me.
  • She is My Best Mentor Who is Always Leading Me in the Right Direction!!!

I would like to Share Her Journey Here and What She Did for Us. I Believe that Each One of Us has this Experience about Our Parents Doing Everything for Us What was Possible for them at that Time.

So I felt for a Subject as GRATITUDE, Who Else can be the Best Person other than my Mother!

  • Without Mother, Nothing Exists.
  • Without Mother, There is No Life.
  • Without Mother, There is No Creation.
  • Without Mother, There is No Love.
  • Without Mother, There is No Hope.
  • Without Mother, There is No Happiness.
  • Without Mother, There is No Harmony.
  • Without Mother, There is Almost Nothing.

That’s the Reason I Chose to Share About My Mother and I Respect Every Mother on Earth. It is because of them that We Could Come on this Beautiful Planet and are Living Our Lives Comfortably.

My Mother’s Name is Neetaben Patel. Meaning of Neeta is Morality and Well-Behaved. She is from  a Very Humble Background. Where Her Father is A farmer and Her Mother is……….Sorry but My Mother Lost Her Mother When She was 1 Year Old. Obviously, She doesn’t Even Remember A Single Moment Which She Spent during that One Year. My Mother has 2 Elder Sisters and 1 Younger Brother. Her Father married  for the Second  time, so that the 3 children could be taken care of. But Destiny had Different plans and My Mother got the Worst Person in Her Life. Unfortunately, Her Father was Narrow-Minded and He always used to Shout on His Daughters as Unwanted Children. He Always wanted a Son.

My Mother used to tell me that ‘ Hiren I am always Missing My Mom because I don’t have her in my life. There is No One Who will Give Me Love, Care, and Security. You and Julie(My Sister) are lucky that You have a Mother Who is Taking Care of You. You Must be Grateful to God for Giving you Such a Wonderful Life. Even Lord Krishna missed the Love of his Real Mother. There are Many Children Who do not Have Parents and that’s Why they  are forced to Sleep on Roads. They Sleep with an Empty Stomach because they don’t have Anyone Who will Cook for them. They don’t get Basic Education because they don’t have  an Identity as well as Family Who Can provide them such  Facilities.”

So My Mother had incorporated this Quality into Her Life as well as in Our Character from Childhood.

My Mother was Excellent in Academics. She Scored 85% in S.S.C (10th Std) Exam in Her Time, Followed by B.Com with Distinction. Unfortunately, Her Father Used to Say that it’s Waste of Time and Efforts.  As in the End, She has to Go and Marry Where Her Education was Not Required. She Must Learn Cooking and everything related to the Kitchen and How to Serve Her Family after Marriage.

My Mother was  Rather Getting Depressed about Her Father’s behavior, She decided to treat it as a Source of Inspiration Where She had to Prove Her Worth Without Support. She used to tell Her Father that, ” You have Brought Me into this World and Fed Me. That’s Enough and I will remain Grateful to You Forever in My Life for that.”

She Never Blamed Her Father because of her circumstances. I never Saw Her Criticizing the Situation. She Chooses to Fight Against all Odds and Achieve the Best. GRATITUDE is the Quality Which Really Can Change Your Life.

Her Childhood was a Disaster and Still, She always told us that She has Enjoyed Each & Every Moment of Her Life. She is a Kind of Person that If You take Everything from Her  Yet She will be like – जो मेरा है सो जावे नही,जो जावे वो मेरा नही ( Whatever  is Mine will Never Go,  Whatever has Gone was Never Mine ).

My Sister and I used to Ask Her –  “How  do you Get the Energy to face the Challenges with a Big Smile on Your Face?”  Her Reply would be  :  ‘I don’t take Load on Me. I just Simply Pass that Load to the  Lord 😃.’ 

Her Philosophy is “Give Your Best and Leave The Rest”.

The Second Beautiful Thing I would like to share here about her Life Policy is जब दांत नही थे तब दूध दिया, अब दांत दिए तो अन्न भी देगा!!!

Which Means God Always Gives You a Situation with the Solution Only. Now It’s Up to Us Whether We use this Solution or Not. I feel that I am Fortunate Enough to Have Such Upbringing and Sanskars inherited from My Superstar Mother.

After Her  Disastrous Childhood, Her Marriage was also a Big Failure. Where She ended up Being Married to the Wrong Person and went through Hell for Almost 20+ years. Why Hell? In Our House, We had a Joint Family Culture and there were 16 People Staying under one roof. You can Imagine the Burden on  her. My Father was the Youngest Among his 3 Brothers and In Indian Families, We all Know that How the Elder members  treat the Young Ones Especially When it Comes to Women. Both Aunties Used to Treat My Mother like a  Servant of the House and Used to Speak Harshly to Her. I was the One Who was Always Angry by Seeing this Injustice but I was Helpless. There was Nothing that I could do for her at that time. This was not Enough Pain for Her and God gave  One More Pain when I lost My Father When I was 17 years old. Not only that, We were thrown out from Our House and  had to take shelter on the Road. After 2-3 weeks, We found One Rented House and Started Staying there. Nothing was in My Mother’s Favor till She lived 40 years of her Life.

I am Sharing these Details because I want All of Us to Imagine Ourselves in Her Shoes and Check whether We could have Survived or Not. But the Wonderful Part of Her Journey is She always believed in carrying  the Attitude of Gratitude. Where She never ever Gave Up.

Now, she  Leads a Life with Purpose. She is a True Inspiration & Role Model of GRATITUDE. She Loves to travel and engage in  Adventurous things in Life.

Today She is Running a School in Rajkot for 3+ years. The Students are Getting the Best Education from the Best Teacher Who has not only learned from Books but Got Tough Learnings from Life as Well. Her Dream is to Serve People in the best Way Possible. She Always tells me that ¼ Part of Our Earnings must be Donated to People who Need it.

In the 1st Week of Every Month, She goes to Various Places to Do Her Duty. She Always  Reminds Me that


I will conclude My Experience of Gratitude With a Poem:

कृतज्ञता ही तो सच्ची साक्षरता है जीवन की।
क्योंकि हम सब पे है कृपा जीवनकाल में रब की।।

वरना कहाँ मिलता है इतना सुंदर और शानदार जीवन हर एक को।
अगर ध्यान से देखो तो बहुत लोगो के पास बहूत कुछ नही है जो मिला है हम सबको।।

में मानता हूँ की जीवन की हर एक ऋतु भी बदलती है।
परंतु जीवन की ये भिन्न भिन्न ऋतु का आनंद लेना कहाँ मना है।।

हम सब जानते है कि ना तो दिन रुकने वाला है ना ही रात।
फिर क्यों इतना रोना धोना उस के लिए जो कभी नही रुकने वाली ये रीत।।

आईए आज से एक वचन देते है अपने आप को।
भर देंगे जीवन मे उमंग उल्लास और प्यार हर एक पल को।।

धन्यवाद करता हूँ मै खुदा का और आप सब का तहे दिल से।
आप हम सबको खुश रखो और स्वस्थ रखो बस इतनी ही प्राथना है प्रभु आपसे।।

Hiren Patel

About the Author

Hiren Patel is Co-Creator of IN THE ZONE Connecting Souls, with a Vision to Create a World in which Every Person is Working for a PURPOSE Bigger than Self with the Full Potential in a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER Environment wherein PROSPERITY with FULFILLMENT becomes a By-Product of the Whole Process and Eventually the WORLD around Emerges as a Better Place to LIVE.

He is a Professional Networker and Actively Building an Organization of Entrepreneurs Globally through the Platform of the Direct Selling Industry, in association with QI Group, Malaysia. His Pursuit of taking up Focused Initiative has begun at the Early Age of 20 Years.

He is an Avid Reader having Read over 450+ Books to Date. He is a Passionate Blogger, a Writer, and a Creative Professional Inspiring People through his Soul-Searching Ideas. He is a Radical Thinker with a Strong Base in Practical Idealism.


  1. It’s hard to find words to comment on an article which talks about the journey of an indomitable mother..

    No wonder why you (Hiren) are so humble and why you always show your willingness to bring a positive change in people’s lives..

    Neetaben Patel is not only your role model but I believe she is one of the best gift that this world has got… And I also believe that Hiren Patel is already continuing the legacy of Neetaben Patel’s philosophy of living a quality life by being grateful to every moment of life..🙏🙏🙏

    Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring article.. I wish you Most and More..👌👌👌🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

  2. Salute to her (Neetaben Patel) unbeatable spirit.

    Soul stirring story of a great soul who never gave up on her life and remained humble & grateful.

    She is a live example for millions of people who are being repeatedly thrown in callous situations.

    Hiren Bhai, your Mom is truly a super soul and u & Julie are her strength and power. God bless u all

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