Gratitude to the ultimate ringtone of my life….”Hello Mamma”

Down the memory lane, I travelled today peeping into my life to explore who should I thank the most for being supportive in my life? Whom should I be grateful to allow me to pursue my dreams and  career and yet have immense peace and tranquility in my house and my life?  I realised that I needed to be grateful to many people, and several events leading to various positive conclusions and inclusions in my life. Of course, my sincere gratification is to God, my parents, brothers, sisters, spouse, relatives, friends, teachers, employers and colleagues. Nowadays, with growing age and responsibilities I feel immense gratitude towards my domestic help, my gardener, the garbage collection man and all the wonderful people providing multiple irreplaceable services clockwise, day in and day out. Without them I just would not be able to do anything  including writing this article.

I  thank the Almighty, the creator of the world, for not just all that He has given me but more importantly for the gift of entrusting me with the responsibility of bringing two lovely souls to the world- my two daughters. This gift is priceless and so is the gratitude that I have for these two.  They both have grown to be immensely loving, caring, meticulous, independent, high performing yet humble, down to earth individuals.  Now they have both moved away and living their own lives, elder one in Pune with her husband and  younger one pursuing her PhD in Finland, but every day when the phone rings and I hear a “Hello Mamma” I feel  like someone has increased the brightness of the lights around with a hundred bells ringing and there is a surge in the happiness. They have always been very hard working , self made individuals and have strived to make us proud parents with a smile on our faces. They have helped us bloom as individuals and as parents. They never had unnecessary tantrums and did not make unacceptable demands. The serenity, peace, decorum and decor of my house has remained intact allowing me to continue working towards my own dreams. They bring great energy to all surrounding them. Last but not the least they both love and respect each other, which really makes our life easy and comfortable. We do not have to unnecessarily “parent”  and be those stern individuals.

We generally tend to talk a lot about the gratitude towards the elders for their sacrifices and teachings. Nothing wrong in that. However, we should really be grateful if our child grows into a well-rounded individual accompanied with their willingness to interact and respond to the love, care and affection of the family members including the distant relatives and ageing elders of the family. Following this, when they have to walk alone, the day they step into the school it is their eagerness and acceptance to selectively and thoughtfully imbibing whatever is right leaving behind the wrongs. They would at times need to sacrifice the comforts to be able to utilize the opportunity to learn more and apply it to build their future on their own terms.

You should be grateful if your child can find their niche in the field of their choice and do justice to themselves.  Last but not the least you should be grateful if after obtaining the due position in the society they do not forget their alma mater, parents and family for supporting them all through both emotionally or monetarily. It is the hope of parents that their child would not develop the ‘I, Me, Myself’ syndrome and abandon the baggage of relationships. Believe me if this happens it sends tremors in the families leaving them shattered and desperate.

All this goes to prove that although most all the parents and members of the family try their best to provide their child all the support within their means, it is the efforts and sincerity of the child that leads to the happiness and wellbeing of the families. The child’s performance brings glory to the family. It is the child’s sacrifices of staying up until late in the night and working tirelessly towards success, which lights up the mornings of the family. Their names imprinted on the first page of the newspapers illuminates the lives of so many dear ones back home waiting for them. Thus it is not always the efforts of the elder’s that need to be applauded for bringing up right families but we really need to be grateful to the children who imbibe the sermons of their teacher and elders and grow up into best version of themselves possible.

I feel sad to see the drooping heads of parents in front of teachers in the parent-teacher’s meetings when the teacher is complaining about the child for not being able to live up to the standards required by the school. I feel sad to see my house- maid work from 7AM to 7 PM in so many houses just to fulfill her dream of sending her children to school giving them a chance to make a better life for themselves. However, because the children do not like working hard and never care for their parents’ feelings they would end up dropping out from the school and ultimately land up doing petty jobs. I feel sad to see siblings being selfish and fighting over property that they never worked hard to create.

Thus, dear parents be grateful to God and your children if they grew up to be good and hard-working people who have not forgotten their social responsibilities. They realize the importance of bringing peace to their household, love and affection to their surroundings and build a small heaven around themselves.  Let us not complain that the children are not coming to see us. They are good and are doing their bit to improve the world around us. Let them free.

I am sincerely grateful to my two angels for  illuminating our life , making our house a home and thus giving us a sense of family and making us feel blessed by the Almighty. What more could one want…. always waiting for the phone to ring and listen to the sweet, chirpy voice say “hello mamma, how are you? What are you doing?”.


  1. Yes. It is so very often that we express our gratitude to elders and mentors. Our little ones are the beacon of light for us and the future too. Our daily support system are the pillar to our present. You have so beautifully articulated this! Keep writing n inspiring!

  2. Children’s are blessing from Almighty but for some parent’s this blessing becomes curse but exceptional children make parent’s feel proud of them.

    Your daughter’s are truly your angels. God bless them

    Nice write up

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