Steadfast indebtedness deep inside – Gratitude

Life has many pockets. Each pocket holds different viable feelings, solutions, problems and many more. Being born in good family with decent culture and awesome people as parents and grand parents is first and foremost blessings directly from almighty. The gratifications are shown to God every morning in our prayers. An attachment fastened our hearts towards god for his graces. 

Supreme power of the universe 

Being a Leader you sent multiple intuitions 

Strikes the soul oftentimes those innate emotions 

Humbled by the benedictions 

Life now has strength to overcome any contradictions 

Prayers are my strong respects to show gratifications! 

Bestowed some years of childhood would be an formidable treasure for almost all, and same is with me. Born in a dignified family, brought up with deep rooted traditions from grand parents. We knew nothing other than family. We Siblings had very knowledgable environment at home with no less of an enthusiastic charm accompanied by classic rituals and affections.

Always felt very lucky to have such an amazing family. Profusely interesting philosophies and ideologies were shared by my grand father in our childhood. we didn’t realise the importance of those monumental enlightenment then, but it flown in to our ears and multiple advices fixed in brain. Now when we are actually leading our own lives in the livestream, with the situations or circumstances we unfold at times the hot tips specified by my grand father. 

Tea time was the most aesthetic pleasantries we enjoyed almost everyday. The jokes and happy moments brings divine and decorative smiles on face even today. The feel of living in the province of affections is an unblemished connotations connecting our hearts. Grand mother for whom the world is only our home and grandchildren was very concomitant with our actions. Love those chunks. My Gratitude for their endearments would reach them wherever they are even after they left the material world. 

Memories with you grand parents 

First reminds the rotating tumbler on the dining table 

Prestigious candour for our well-being was a beautiful poise 

educating us about the family tree and characters of our forefathers 

Genuine Generations thresholds are an inspiring jewels of your legacy 

You are legends of our hearts, my gratitude for all the invocations and involvements 

Memories with you grand parents 💗

Parents are the first love to every child. 

Mother a great support system of the family endorsed a good habits for us in a clinching way. Propensities to get accustomed to traditions while being gelled with the modern world is an unbeatable impulse she established in us. mother’s love is unconditional and impeccable.

Blessed to have you as a father oh! Dear father.Feels very extravagant with the inheritance I attained from you ‘the gift of writing’. I remember in our childhood you taught English grammar every Sunday from Wren and Martin book. Quite boring those days but every sentence I use today reminds me the lessons taught by you. Your fondness towards old melodious songs and explaining the meanings of many words has created alluring interest within us towards music and languages as well. Nothing we learned seriously those days, childish nature in us was widespread but the residues of the words you uttered are so helpful and positive requisites today. Life seemed volatile after you left us, the very nature you inculcated and the hold of handling everything is a great asset we garnered. 

My gratitude to you Appa for confidence you rooted in us.

Father! my profound gratitude to you 

An affections you showered 

Valuable goodies you accorded

I can only say you were the best dad ever 

Your nobility worth infinite 

I miss your presence always 

I want to be your daughter in my every birth 

Can’t believe you left us 

It was god’s orders you couldn’t deny 

My gratitude for zestful dispositions 

Serenity of your soul is always I pray 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Teachers are god sent is what I believe. 

Cannot name one for my establishments today. Right from first day of the school to every step of life my gurus has nurtured my character as a whole. Every teacher I came across has intrigued an indistinguishable cognizance. To acknowledge that today is the pride moment I feel. Thanks to technology today to connect with at least few through some social network. My humble regards for every teacher to date 🙏🏻🙏🏻 

I would like to thank and express gratitude to the captain of sparks for giving this opportunity. It’s pretty amazing to exhibit the quintessence of love acquired and cherished. 

Teachers are our path makers 

Gratitude is the way,

Tribute I want to pay ..

To date, Lessons learnt from every teacher 

Is an earnest and undiminishable voucher…

Alphabets to life’s modulations

Teachers moulded me with quintessential consolidations ..

Namaskars and Pranams are my heart felt salutations 

Words seems less to praise their orientations ..

It’s hard to choose one teacher to compliment 

My Pragmatic acknowledgment to all teachers on this occasion is the best complement …

True Affections are true proclamations. 

Roopa Rani Bussa.


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