What is WFC? WFC is Wellness For Caregivers, is an initiative that comprehensively addresses all non clinical aspects of patient care

For patient delight, it is necessary to have caregiver delight as well. Very often, caregivers are as stressed, if not even more stressed than the patients themselves. It is important to have a program that understands their situation, needs and gears them up professionally and psychologically for this.

There has been a deeply felt need for something on these lines from a very long time.

Doctors have always wanted to give the very best to their patients. They all deeply acknowledge that there is much more to patient care than which is given by way of surgery and medicine.


They know that a lot of reassurance and empathy is required. Psychological and behavioural support is required. They also know that in the process they can swing from empathy distress where they get totally carried away by the pain of the patients to empathy burnout where they reach a point where after seeing a number of patients they are not able to feel anything at all.


There are also a number of other members in the value chain, like RMOs, nurses, paramedical staff as well as caregivers linked to the patient, all who need vital inputs in optimizing patient care.


Any system that could take care of all the above would be of enormous value to the medical fraternity. The WFC (Wellness For Caregivers) program does precisely that. It provides value added inputs to all the members of the value chain providing both on the job as well as off the job training.


WFC crafts a completely customized state of the art program based on an in-depth study of the hospital processes identifying all the pain points and  focus areas and then creates metrics for measuring each aspect of care along with a very detailed patient satisfaction questionnaire. It provides extensive behavioural guidelines for all those involved in looking after the patient with a special focus on those aspects which will directly help the patient attain a happier state and at the same time induce a high level of recovery. It will track improvement on a regular basis and will give strong pointers to all those factors that are aiding the convalescence of the patient.

A program such as this would have benefits for all concerned.


The doctors will have all the psychosomatic and psychological factors, meaning all the non clinical aspects will be taken care of and they will be in a position to focus on the clinical aspects, which is their core competency

Medical Staff

There are many life skill inputs that various cadres of medical staff would love to receive that would make a huge difference to their effectiveness. The WFC program focuses on that, providing very minute behavioural details that would make a difference.

Family Caregivers

Family caregivers are those people who are closely in touch with the patients. The patients rely on them extensively and they are the real people on the ground, the ones who are with the patients on a long-term basis. These caregivers are often confronted with situations which they are not really equipped to handle for the sheer complexity of the issues. The WFC program, with its rich grounding-in knowledge of the human mind and relationships, addresses all these concerns.

What are the expected outcomes?

This is a completely different approach to patient care and surely aims for providing a elevated patient experience. The success of a program like this will make a huge difference to the health of all. It would substantially ease the empathy distress and burnout that members of the medical fraternity suffer. Both the patients and the caregivers will be much more relaxed and put at ease. Medical tourism too will get a boost benefiting one and all.

Thus making a program for the Wellness For Caregivers the need of the hour.











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