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Gratitude- is such a great and fascination word, that what one need to do is just close the eyes and focus on the word, you shall be amazed to see vivid pictures of real life stories with your real life heroes to whom you feel your gratitude. Isn’t this true? There are innumerable persons, I

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GRATITUDE – Rebirth of My Princess Author – Hiral Kaup It was 6 pm on the 26th of July 2005. I was drowned in my laptop completely lost in preparing a presentation. I had to complete this presentation before I left for the day. We were all busy preparing for a meeting with some delegates

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One Love Is All We Need

Love: One love is all we need. “It is an advanced nasal cancer, stage 3” my mother in law gave a shocking news to me over the phone. My father in law was detected with cancer. She had to inform people about his health. I froze for a minute after I heard about his health.

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Upanishad Dnyaan : Shivling {उपनिषद ज्ञान : शिवलिंग}

Upanishad Dnyaan : Shivling {उपनिषद ज्ञान : शिवलिंग} This article is a reproduction of a verse of the Mahanarayan Upanishad, षोडशोनूवकः {16th Anuvak}, which is being reproduced here from two sources : one – the original book where I first came across this,Mahanarayan Upanishad by translated by Swami Vimalanand, and 2nd – the website Śrī Vaiṣṇavism. A third confirmatory source

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gratitude for my professor

Gratitude for my professor One day, I went into a classroom to wait for a friend of mine. When I went into the room, the professor, suddenly appeared and asked me to go to the board to write something, to work something out. I told him that I couldn’t do it. And he said, why

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