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Gratitude- is such a great and fascination word, that what one need to do is just close the eyes and focus on the word, you shall be amazed to see vivid pictures of real life stories with your real life heroes to whom you feel your gratitude. Isn’t this true? There are innumerable persons, I am most grateful to, but, I worship the most important class of our life, without whom we shall not thrive

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MARRIAGE – MAKE IT A HEAVEN ON EARTH Hiral Kaup It was 14th of February 2018…..the world was celebrating Valentine’s day. Ananya stood at the window of the hospital room watching her husband Anant step out of the hospital gate. He crossed the road and went across to where his car was parked. She was waiting for him to turn around and wave out to her, silently telling herself that she will not wave back.

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GRATITUDE – Rebirth of My Princess Author – Hiral Kaup It was 6 pm on the 26th of July 2005. I was drowned in my laptop completely lost in preparing a presentation. I had to complete this presentation before I left for the day. We were all busy preparing for a meeting with some delegates who were to fly down to Mumbai the next day. I was completely oblivious to my surroundings as I had

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One Love Is All We Need

Love: One love is all we need. “It is an advanced nasal cancer, stage 3” my mother in law gave a shocking news to me over the phone. My father in law was detected with cancer. She had to inform people about his health. I froze for a minute after I heard about his health. It was not at all possible for me to digest the word – the dangerous monster cancer. “What next?” was

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He never said – “I Love You”

  Sophiya getting ready for the most important date tonight, with her exciting smile in front of the mirror talking herself, “how beautiful I look in my black party gown”. Door bell ring Sophia run with her high heels and welcome her besties Cristina. “Ohh!! My God I was just dying to see such gorgeous women this many years”. “Ohh! Cristina you know today I am on the top of the world and wants to

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