One Love Is All We Need

One Love Is All We Need

Love: One love is all we need.

“It is an advanced nasal cancer, stage 3” my mother in law gave a shocking news to me over the phone. My father in law was detected with cancer. She had to inform people about his health. I froze for a minute after I heard about his health. It was not at all possible for me to digest the word – the dangerous monster cancer.

“What next?” was my question?

“We all cannot be cribbing and sobbing now, I will take an appointment for tomorrow. If possible come after your work.”  Her voice did not deter at all.

A love marriage is still not an easily acceptable arrangement in an Indian society. Prashanth and I got married without much acceptance from both the families. Since then due to the initial bitterness, I stayed away from all the family functions, duty calls, festival gathering. Parvathi – my mother in law tried her best to make sure we are a family together. Three years we spent without even greeting each other. Then comes this horrible situation, where our hearts sank. I did try to connect to her. We spoke as if we knew each other for years. One call made sure that we support each other morally.

I started to observe my in-laws very carefully. She holding his hands and waiting hours together to get the glimpse of the doctor. She, though not a super graduate knows to compile all the reports and gather information from different sources about his disease. My father in law was confined to bed and he was unable to speak. It was through his sign language, he did tell her in the middle of 20 odd people in his house that he is alive only to feel her love in his life. This brought moist in our eyes. She did learn all the dressing just so that she is anytime available for him. The way she feeds him and cleans him as if: he is now her kid.

It is very difficult for any family to deal with a person who is going through a painful medical phase. Her love and strength brought all of us together. Every day we wake up only to get more confidence to deal with the things that is in store for us. In all this, she asked me not to forget my duties at the office.

The hospital can bring us down to knees. That too – a cancer hospital. I saw her being very kind to the other patients.  I observe the way my in-laws go to the hospital like they are getting ready for a massive battle. I do not remember when was the last time she might have slept peacefully for at least 3 hours.

Is this all the love about? This is so different from my imagination of going to a play, a movie, a foreign trip together. Did any counselor give them the tips to be strong together? I have been doing rounds and rounds to the counselors’ clinic still having no clue about my relationship.

I somewhere now realize that love and compassion are the greatest strengths any human can get. It can move mountains. Her love and affection did define a lot of things about love and care to me. Her strength did build a strong pillar in our house. We are now together as a family and emotionally. Our one and only objective is to bring back the joy in the house. We celebrate love ad togetherness. We as a family did redefine love.

Love is all about being together. Love is about being someone’s pillar. Love is standing together and fighting against all odds. Love is about falling in love again in distress and pain. Love is mostly found when nothing else works ,when nothing is remaining ,when nothing is beautiful. In all this pain, I got to know what love is. It is easy to fall in love with a beautiful face. It is difficult to fall in love with scars, wounds, imperfection. Love is not a weakness, it is not fragile. Love is the strength.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu. So true. Isn’t it?


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