Be The God And Defeat The Demon

Be The God And Defeat The Demon


Once upon a time there were many Rakshasas on earth, their main intention was to disturb mental peace of Gurus, Saint and God. Many activity where conduct to stop the evilness of this Rakshasas, but it was just for a time being, if one dies another rebirth. Years passes but the war continue and slowly with the change of time we studies that a real god resist in our own body. So the question arise of that Evil Rakshasas does they vanished? No! not so, this Rakshasas pop-up in everybody, which we name as Mental-illness, the modern Rakshasas who usually tried to capture the peace and steadiness of our life.

There are certain myths people carry about Mental-illness.

1. It is said that Mental-illness is mostly occurred in less developed countries, but I notice that even well-developed countries suffer high level of Mental-illness. Over ambitious and pride of wealth makes people arrogant and slowly it developed violence and mood shifting in nature. Pressure of maintaining status makes person depart from love, care and sacrifice.

2. It is being believe that Mental-illness is generally found in less qualified or low IQ people but tell me one thing don’t you think mood shifting and anxiety is found in highly qualified scientist or a successful business tycoons. Over stress, difficulty in achieving targets are the reason of Mental-illness.

3. Person who is diagnosed for Mental-illness or in need or under the treatment of Mental-illness is mentally ill. I strongly disagree at this point, many a time we observe people fighting for no reason. Five minutes delay in parking makes one hour fight, little overtake makes unnecessary arrogant gesture. Many a time people get angry on a point without knowing the reason and fact of the matter. They make some visualization and believe in that as a fact of reality. Even a very normal looking person carry this illness.
This is the initial level of illness which may develop with the changing situation.

Mental-illness is your own negative thought everybody carries positive and negative, only those pop-up which is being feuded more. Never make this illness your favourite guest remove them from your body, as we do remove minor cough and fever to stay away from big disease like cancer, diabetes, etc. Don’t let grow this Rakshasas in big form, one thing we all know that world is complete balance of good and bad, positive and negative. With my beginning para this Rakshasa never vanished, if one Die another rebirth. So we know that even God has fight with such evil devil, then who are we, person going up has to come down one day, beautiful morning come after the long journey of the dark Jungle. Every living being has to go through worst part of life. There is nothing to shy or hide in room and punish yourself. Come out feel free make yourself free from all heavy thought. Mind well initial level of diagnosis of any disease may save you from long-suffering. When we except normal cough and wearing number glare as common illnesses or deficiency in our body, then why don’t one except Mental-illness as a common disorder in us and get connect to right sources through right channel.
There are many treatments or diagnosis for Mental-illness as prescribed. Some of my ‘Dadima Ke Nuske’ are meditation, breathing exercises, reading good books, meet or listen to positive people, and spreading love. This illness of mind need lots of love and attention care from their own people. To cure this disease family and friends play most important role, by giving endless comfort and affection. Here your mind get cured with the help of heart.


I run up and down in my dreams,
Locked that innocent soul in big tin.
Feather of my wings were flouting in air,
Fighting with Rakshasas dwindle my identity and I hate myself.
Grappling my soul purse help,
Fear and Guilt sitting on top to lock tin deep within.
Love catch fire broke glass of loneliness,
Worn hat of imperfect, slowly believe…
Leaving incomplete is complete
Ahh!! What a relief, What a relief…..


Hitangxi Bhuta

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