Know Your Enemies

Know Your Enemies


Mental illness- know your enemies

We live in very competitive world surrounded by diversified characters. Characteristics of our environment says what we are today.
Our Life’s epitome is the path for our children and symbol of our generation.  As the development in every field is progressing, the quality of character is deteriorating. Human are getting in to an unnecessary and unforeseen stress which is unfair. When we makeup our minds we can manage everything because our mind and soul are adjustable.

Nothing is complex,  if the correct logic is applied.

No soul is born culprit, the circumstances and the kind of stigma faced by each individual would explain the behaviour of the person. Each person’s mentality has a direct impact on society as a whole.  Unknowingly we have created our own competitions. Healthy competitions leads to growth and unhealthy competition leads to unpleasant environs. Aim was to build healthy competitions and bring harmony, but competitions are deviating from the aspect it started to demon’s mode and now seven in ten are moving towards an environmental discolouration. This society changing its colours every minute. We are feeding the same in our children’s mind. Prediction says the result would get worse in future generations.
We have already reached the stage where we have invited an unwanted guests to be seated in our plain hearts and turned into our enemies. Hatredness, anger,selfishness, jealousy and false ego are five demons we should stay away from.

Soul is the first inhibitor to give prompts about your thought process , keep yourself open for good thoughts.

Evil within us is our greatest enemy.
When unconquered leads us to an inappropriate path.The negative characteristics which we possess due to influences are the stress creating connotations. Each iniquitous thought rolls over our notions reflects badly on our life as well.

Every situation has a rhythm ;
Get hold of it to tune our life’s symbolism

Uncontrollable emotions may route us to mental illness. In normal terms it is called STRESS. We are the creators and we are the destroyers of stress. Nothing can surpass our wishful gaits. It’s totally in our control whether to hold stress or live peaceful life.
Stressful life is deteriorating our standard of living. The life’s ecstasy is not enjoyed in an implicit way but heading to poke mental illness


Selfishness- right from ancient times to today’s world selfishness by self-centered people ruined the relationships and trust. First and foremost enemy of us, Degrading the quality of life. increasing each day,  affecting the society as a whole indirectly. Moulding our mindsets to overcome self-obsession is the way to get rid of selfishness

Jealousy- you earn for your efforts, when one compares with others’ growth we end up in jealousy and never ever we get satisfied with our lives. Never compare your life with others. Compare your productivity to your self from yesterday to today. Be determined not to get into the clutches of jealousies.

Complexes- inferiority and superiority complexes would affect our mind and soul eventually drowns in to psychological pain. Inferiority eats up our confidence doesn’t allow to come out of the situation. Entering into it is easy but it’s hard to come out of this complex. These days we see many rehab centres. Depression is so common these days due to stress. people who can’t handle may take extreme steps either. Superiority complex is another concern where people thinks high of themselves when ego affects them, they find it difficult to manage the circumstances. This problem will lead to anger and wild behaviour.

Comfort soul can lessen the complexity in a simpler way because of the thinking ability.

Feed your mind Positive thoughts always look for positivity in everything. Create positive vibes for your life. Get free from the unwanted loops of negative thoughts by practising meditation. Keep your body and mind fit by being sanguine. yoga and mental exercises may help to keep away from mental illness.
Conquer your enemies,  be strong. Never allow any bad or negative thoughts absorb you.  our life is led amongst varieties of people.
We have huge chances of getting influenced by the atmosphere. Be yourself in all situations.

Observe everything, absorb essential things to design your own joy

keep your thoughts positive and eventually you would absorb good from everything.

vicinity gives an instincts vividly to absorb or repel from the contexts

Life is all about how you understand the waves of emotions. Repel from negative thoughts; attract towards positive thoughts ultimately create your own territory of positive vibes. Lessen your enemies with Systematic and disciplined life.

Love your life wholeheartedly,
Live your life to the fullest,
because, Life is a replica of you.
There would be twists and turns
Be ready to face every situation
Some are very crazy,
The More keen we observe,
The more complex the knots seems
And The More riddles that perplexes us

In puranas that is in our epics demons were creating lots of ruckus to the people. They were very gigantic with an unimpressive looks but in today’s world demons are within ourselves creating mental imbalances. Conquering the life’s agonies in an appropriate way needs positive approach towards life. Tuning positivity is what rehab centres do. Try to induce as much positive power into your mind try not get into mental sickness. Build strong mind avoid falling in the pits of ego selfishness and unkind thoughts.
We say in Sanskrit Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu” that means “may all human beings lead happy lives and may they hold good thoughts, carry good words, build lovely relationships with self and others, emit positive emotions and spread positivity for wonderful lifestyles, bring in peace to the society as a whole.


Roopa Rani Bussa


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