Amor Fati in a cookie !

Amor Fati in a cookie !

Amor Fati in a cookie !


That’s the way the cookie crumbles.  So the cake crumbled too before it could be made into fine and firm slices. This was the last thing that I wanted.

I was beginning to get upset and then as I turned back, I noticed “Amor Fati” engraved on one of the magnets on my refrigerator.  I remembered my friend telling me, even before I could ask her, when she gifted this beautiful memento to me,”Love your fate! There  is immense power in loving your fate.”

I see this magnet every day as it is right near the handle of the door of my refrigerator, but my mind would subconsciously apply this filter that this message was meant to be applied while dealing with some so called  “ very important”,  “earth-shattering situations” in one ’s life.

And now amidst this mess, I wondered,”

“Do we really need to think that profound to deal with such a mundane mess ?” another counter thought intercepted the first one.

“ Yes, indeed. “ said a little voice in my head.  I felt an epiphany.

And for mundane and regular situations, there is no need to think that spiritually. We tend to have a knee-jerk and reflexive reaction to situations and then we move on. But we do internalize the negativity in the process.

Though I shrugged the cake-disaster and went on to do another task at hand, yet I was irritable. I hadn’t actually accepted it.

And then I realized that in the school of life, daily lessons are important.  After all, our internal mechanism to deal with life develops through these things.

So I said to myself,  “No regrets ! the moment I stopped lamenting,  I started creating.”

I took some Nutella, cake becomes dough again, lending itself to a new form, cake pops.


The concept of Amor Fati does not mean resigning to fate, rather, on the contrary, it is about turning around the situation through meeting the change with love and optimism. Change the resistance into acceptance.


Some aspects of  Amor Fati in our lives.

– if it sounds evil, encounter it, embrace it, enrich via it.
– action, acceptance and alternative thinking and improvisation. 

We improvise a play, theatre, definitely does not mean that and if we resist, we stop our expansion through challenges.

If you stumble make it a part of your dance


pivoting is changing one’s strategy according to the circumstances,

good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.

failure is not fatal, it is vital don’t polarise failure as the other spectrum of success, rather failure is the future of success.

Mistakes can turn into miracles.

shifting the focus from knowing to growing.


Ritu Garg
Ritu Garg

Ritu Garg likes to call herself a wordsmith. She collects words like a philatelist would collect stamps or a numismatic would collect coins. Words give her power, she shares a relationship with them. Words make herthoughts tactile, tangible and transferrable.

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Aparna Posted on3:56 pm - Mar 17, 2018

when you accept change you adapt
because information is useless unless accompanied by transformation

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