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Aakanksha Bhatnagar

He is always there…

When my friends ran towards the school van, dirtying their shoes with sand, I, like a princess would arrive, holding my father’s hand, As the van moved and I used to wave my hand, a smile would come on his… Continue Reading →

Our world of PAIN & PLEASURE

  In NLP we often use two words ‘Pain’ and ‘Pleasure’. All our actions are governed by them e.g. pleasure for eating junk food and pain for exercising. Pleasure for watching TV and pain for reading a book. Pleasure in chatting… Continue Reading →

Should History affect the present and future of India?

“Study the past if you would define the future”  – Confucius Recently, I saw a Ted Talk, delivered by Michelin Star Indian chef Vikas Khanna where, he shared an inspiring story. In the year 1893, in South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi… Continue Reading →

Empowered from within…

  “I can’t take up a job as my husband wouldn’t allow.” “My mother in law prefers that I cook. Hence, even after a 9-6 job I must come home and prepare a meal.” “My dad didn’t want me to… Continue Reading →


Attitude of Gratitude Today, while driving towards my office I got stuck in a terrible traffic jam. While waiting for the never-ending pile of cars to move ahead, I was getting anxious for I knew that I will be late… Continue Reading →

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