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Small tribute to a great man

SMALL TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MAN: For a man who was a language lover, he was pretty much parsimonious with words, spoken and written. For an orphan, he fiercely guarded his self-esteem. For an orphan again,he made it big and… Continue Reading →

Kanha’s Breath , Radha’s Music

Kanha’s penchant for mischief led him to play many pranks on Yamuna’s banks. But that twilight saw him a tad sober. The natural  Lover that he was, he took in Radha with all his senses. Seated on a lotus bed,… Continue Reading →

A Bond that Does’nt Age

As the car swerved uphill and stopped with a jerk, I got out nervous, yet hopeful.I was going to meet my literary mentor, whom, to put it euphemistically, I adored, Ekalavya-like.I was early by 30 minutes, but Bina, daughter-in-law of… Continue Reading →

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