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Aecom Saon

A Father–Daughter Tradition of Our Own: Viva el Fútbol!

My first glimpse of the sunrise after pulling an all-nighter was not at a teenage pyjama party; nor after studying for my exams all night long. It was after a late night World Cup football match being played in faraway… Continue Reading →

Memories of a bygone era waft in with Ray’s Pather Panchali

It was Satyajit Ray’s birth anniversary on 2nd May. I thought I’d spend the day watching back-to-back Ray movies in his tribute. Since my husband and I are ardent Ray admirers, we have a collection of all his works—movies, documentaries,… Continue Reading →


The moon scorches too With its incandescence; Moonshine burns you too With its silvery essence… When the tides turn after twilight And the old moon surfaces above, When lakes and streams and oceans alike To her invisible force are all… Continue Reading →


Text by Saon Bhattacharya | Photographs by Dwaipayan Bhattacharya Picture a fawn-shaded, summer landscape from Central India. Now imagine a sharply contrasting mahua tree, with its crimson leaf clusters, mothering a myriad group of wildlife. As a regal black shouldered… Continue Reading →

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