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Amit Kumar

“We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.”

Law of attraction works like you have ordered something from universal menu card and it is going to be delivered for sure. If the “order” or “ask” is big, it is going to take sometime. It is one of the… Continue Reading →

Our life is manifestation of our thoughts

Wherever we are in life now we must have it in our thoughts before. As the saying goes everything happens twice in life, first in thoughts and second in reality. So thought is the starting point. Question is how it… Continue Reading →

Why people start loosing interest in life

For most of us school life is full of excitement. Further we move to college with new level of excitement more learning and fun. In Next phase of life we enter professional world. Excitement is at new level first job… Continue Reading →

What are your set patterns of life?

  As said by Steve jobs you can only connect dots by looking backwards in life. When I look back into my life, yes I can connect dots and also I found a pattern in me which helped me to… Continue Reading →

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