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Eyes Behind the Hijab

Bhats are the priest class among the ‘Gauda Saraswat Brahmin’ in Mangalore District in Karnataka. When the second child also turned out to be a girl, Ravindra Bhat has decided to let her follow the dream once her mother had…. Continue Reading →

Fair Enough?

SCENE 001 / POOJA’s BED ROOM / EVENING A Man (Navin), in his thirties, smoking near the balcony, near the bed room or window near the bedroom; A scattered bed is partially visible. He is just wearing boxer type jockey… Continue Reading →

My Brother Nikhil

I am Annu, a more than homely housewife, started living in Bangalore since last 4 weeks. In fact got married few weeks and moved to Bangalore as my husband works here. I happened to meet Vanni, in the next door… Continue Reading →

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