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Arbind Kumar Choudhary

Spirited soul does not know any boundary

By Arbind Kumar I wonder what is that in our body that laughs, weeps, talks, loves, dreams, interacts, trembles dies for, likes to live for someone and gets involved in many more activities all the time without losing any moment throughout… Continue Reading →

Life moves around ‘symbol’

  Life moves around ‘symbol’ Symbols are the most important discoveries in progressive human civilizations. Life moves around tangible and intangible symbols. The whole world of religion is intangible; we can’t see, can’t touch supreme God but imagine them, get inspiration…. Continue Reading →

Nature’ teaching: Be like an eagle, soar high in the sky….

By Arbind Kumar Mental power is the strongest of all. We receives stimulus from Nature. Nature is the biggest creator. Process of experiment by Nature started billion years ago and according to the knowledge of science, this was Homo Neanderthalensis… Continue Reading →

Parenting: Touch, Feel and let them Grow

By Arbind Kumar Khushboo is a housewife, and her marvelous journey of parenting and shaping personalities of her children is unique. She faced difficulties in dealing with growing children, sometimes wept, and prayed to God to have adaptive technique, to… Continue Reading →

Pick the emotional thread, bridge your gap

“Emotional relationship is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty.” BY Arbind Kumar It is easy to sense outer world, but is highly difficult to understand inner amazing world, the self. When I close my eyes,… Continue Reading →

We, the (different) people of India…

By Arbind Kumar One of the ancient and rich culture and vibrant tradition comprises the different aspects of Indian society. Indian society reflects the true colour of the country amidst the collage of traditional rituals and mosaic of Indian fiestas…. Continue Reading →


Doing something that is productive is a great way to alleviate emotional stress. Get your mind doing something that is productive.–Ziggy Marley By Arvind Kumar As Indian socio-economic sphere is changing rapidly, “stress” is affecting large section of working force…. Continue Reading →

Sojourn:Mind,Body and Soul

Sojourn ; Mind, Body and soul     Going through Mind, body and soul is a unique experience in itself. Thus it helps us in discovering ourselves and living calm and composed life.   Historical perspective Rene Descartes, the French… Continue Reading →

-The Kansas Iron Man –

Highlights –  Amazing story of a boy who was supposed to die beautifully shows the incredible power of determination.  Glenn Cunningham, by name The Kansas Ironman, or The Kansas Flyer  (born Aug. 4, 1909, Atlanta, Kansan, U.S.      American middle-distance runner who repeatedly broke… Continue Reading →

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