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Deepthi Musley

My Woof Mate

Love, friendship, and bonding are not always at the stake of words. Such emotions sometimes come clad in a Lick, a wag, and a woof. Those lucky ones blessed with a woof mate will surely agree with me on this… Continue Reading →

Corruption is Deep Rooted

My grandma once told my cousins & me as children, that charity begins at home. She had told us, kindness has to be learned & practiced with family primarily, secondly with friends, followed by the rest of the world. The… Continue Reading →

Many Religions One India

Witten by: Deepthi Musley Unity in diversity, All for one & One for all, United we stand divided we fall. A country of the people, by the people, & for the people at the heart of nationality is yet to… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Disappear

Written by: Deepthi Musley Tiny and small things in life contribute to the majority of happiness we experience. The greatness of life is sometimes experienced unexpectedly or as a coincidence. The most intricate as well as the simplest of questions… Continue Reading →

Reach out

Written by: Deepthi Musley Distance is not always a measurement of gap or space between two or more points or places. Distance is sometimes an endless emptiness of misery within us or a silent space between two people that yearns… Continue Reading →

My Kiddie My Buddy

Written by: Deepthi Musley One of the most beautiful relationships the universe bestows upon a woman is her Baby. My career aspirations inspired me for the last time in my dreams on the night of 15th Jan 2009. The next… Continue Reading →

Spirituality & Me

  Written by: Deepthi Musley There are thousands of philosophies, several doctrines, many written prophecies and scriptures followed by the people of this world. All these put together becomes the quintessence of a worthy life. I have always wondered who… Continue Reading →

Begin with The End in Mind

A Promise on this Children’s Day

Deepthi Musley FB Page   A day which is glorified should be known to one and all for its special reason and worth. Commemorating a day without virtue is like living a life without purpose. In the last seven years… Continue Reading →

How I lost Nayaz

Deepthi Musley Fb Page Deepthi Musley Blog Page Meeting someone is never a casual affair. Some who vanish into thin air without announcing, leave you with the best memories to cherish for life, and a mystery to solve. On a… Continue Reading →

The Unsung Diva

Deepthi Musley Blog Page Deepthi Musley FB Page An unexpected storm is either catastrophic or adventurous. At the end of it you are either a survivor who has tales to tell, or you become a tale yourself… She walked the… Continue Reading →

Shirdi- The mystical soil

Deepthi Musley FB Page Deepthi Musley- Blog A human being with a drained intrinsic worth is as useless as the gadget with a drained battery inside it. Travel is related to new beginnings, new learning, a transformation, and memories that… Continue Reading →

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