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Hitangxi Bhuta

Enlightenment is the path to success

Ultimate Success is ‘Enlightenment ‘. Ultimate path is build by many Tremendous Success in life.   We all know ultimate success of our soul journey is to get enlightment. Before enlightment our soul need to find out its actual purpose… Continue Reading →

Invisible Footprint

We go through many experience in life about women sacrifice and on opposite we get in touch with many experience of man’s stubborn nature. But is it true every time? Better I explain this with my experience of two different… Continue Reading →

My Magician Daddy

My daddy is a magician with a big fat smile Tiny little feet difficult to shift , Magic in his voice force me to him. Loud hug and cheerful words, Ahhh!!! There is Genie inside him. Peddling and cycling Shiver… Continue Reading →

My Father gave me birth

My father is unique among all. He loves me above all relationship in life. He can fight for me, he run with me, he play with me, he dance with me, he can cook yummy food for me… He gave… Continue Reading →


  She scream me, she yell me, Ahhh!!! her voice disrupt me. Believe in you she teaches, But she never believe me. Her secret finger touches my hair. Her whispering breath, Kisses my forehead. Love of her heart Touches my… Continue Reading →

Happiness Inside

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