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Keerthana Venkatesh

Crafting Penguins To Solving Problems – It’s All Hidden In Art

Can problem-solving skills be nurtured? That’s a “yes” from me – and the “yes” comes after a lovely artsy morning that my daughter and I spent creating a miniature snow town from scrap. Cotton swabs, paints, paper rolls, glue, dried… Continue Reading →

98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit

Four days of raging fever, over a dozen doses of paracetamol, needle pricks on a thin arm, wailing puking burning child… its been a trying week. Our little girl is fighting against an infection that the blood tests are yet… Continue Reading →

At The Altar We Met

A father-daughter relationship has a charm of its own. There’s a deeper sense of conviction that bonds this relationship so strong and secure. I had penned this poem at a time when I was a member of a student team… Continue Reading →

Letting Go-The Mind Makes Its Choice

Letting go – It’s not been too hard for me. Over the years I’ve learnt to let go of a lot of things – relationships that were not meant to be, people with whom I did not share a chemistry,… Continue Reading →

Hitch hiking along the Indo-Pak border

If you love to meet people and want to know Amristar better, then get out of your cars and get onto a bullock cart of tractor. That’s pretty much the kind of hitch hiking we did when we packed our… Continue Reading →

Fear:Face It To Fade It

I’ve written a lot about letting go, leaving the past behind and moving on in the journey of life. At times, this seems easy. Then there are times when an incident stirs up an old memory… a memory that elicits… Continue Reading →

The selfish act of forgiveness

Forgiveness – it’s a word well spoken, often debated about; yet, its tentacles are far too tightly wound to break free with ease. There’s that ego that always powers up the energy to not forgive. And in recent times, fear… Continue Reading →

Grandma’s Tales: From Steam Buses To Volvos, It’s Been Quite A Journey

Conversation is quite the key to a lot of interesting knowledge, and that’s something that I often savour during conversations with my grandmother. She’s part of a generation that has lived in the pre-Independence days of India right up to… Continue Reading →

Bullets Still Hurt at Jallianwala Bagh

It’s one to read about battles in history books; it’s another dimension to stand on the battleground long after it is over and yet feel the war. Tears prick the eyes, hair stands electrified on goosebumps as one can still… Continue Reading →

Whispering History for 900 Years

Nine hundred years from this time, a local chieftain took charge of the sword and went on to build a renowned empire that boasted of its brave men, intricate detail-focused artisans, magnificent women and its love for art and culture…. Continue Reading →

Wellness Wi-Fi at Haji Ali

It stands strong over the deep waters of the sea beckoning believers. White in its own peaceful glory, the Haji Ali dargah is adorned with an aura of well-being that plays its charm over me every time. Neither the lashing… Continue Reading →

Tales From An Enchanting Forest

It was the nth time I let out a muted frustrated cry looking at my mobile phone. I was tucked up in the Western Ghats of the Chikmagalur-Kudremukh belt with no way to make a phone call if need be…. Continue Reading →

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