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Fresh assessment

Fresh assessment, written by Rajababu on 28th Mar 03   While I was devouring your torrid looks, You were blissfully unaware of my ugliness, How well I knew that you ignored me so!!! Yet, I kept savouring the thoughts of… Continue Reading →

Wandering soul

Wandering soul-a poem by Rajababu   I wonder where this love came from, I never fed it the logwoods of imagination; For a fire to burn so brightly, The sparks must’ve been smouldering, In the dark, unattended recesses of my… Continue Reading →

Tramplings under the feet

The place is amok with passers by. It is a dynamic picture of mobility of lives; People cross over with careless urgency They hardly have the time or the will To look at the pavements; who’d do it? But if… Continue Reading →

A painless life

A PAINLESS LIFE-a poem by Rajababu   I saw the old lady waiting for her turn, While I was waiting for mine; The Doctor saw her too, she cam shuffling on one leg, The other one was bandaged, and shrouded… Continue Reading →

Deepening mist

Deepening mist-A poem by Rajababu           I take a walk on the lonely road,      All around me, the mist is swirling itself sadly.      Unlike me, it seems to know what it wants,      If I knew the… Continue Reading →

Someone’s flying out

SOMEONE’S FLYING OUT-A poem by Rajababu Someone’s flying out tonight, To a land of greater dreams, Where excellence is better rewarded, And intelligence is respected.   Out here, a few melancholy souls, Aspire to do the same, Only, they may… Continue Reading →

Frozen flame

Frozen flame: The candle burnt itself out steadily, She was destined for this frozen vacuity, Tirelessly, she kept sacrificing herself, The frozen flame burnt for the benefit of the family, Non one noticed how she burnt at both ends, Appearing… Continue Reading →

Inside the Rubicon

INSIDE THE RUBICON-A poem by Rajababu   The didactic Orissa refugee-distended, In the tatters of his rural confines; Lusts at my safe ensconsement. A fact made possible by my worthy ancestors; Working over their trade on dusty Bombay afternoons, Beating… Continue Reading →


    CYBER-FRIENDS-A poem by Rajababu Reaching away from the caring hands of those around me, I get lost in the virtual realityof the Web. It gives me a sense of esoteric security, unrivalled, By any flesh and blood companionshipof… Continue Reading →

I travel home amidst the hustle bustle

I travel home amidst the hustle bustle     I travel home amidst the hustle bustle Of the squid like, sinewy metropolis, I look around at the hurried faces of humans around me; Each a robot, an aimless entityescheing to… Continue Reading →

Watery groves

    WATERY GROVES-by Rajababu   Evian comes to life, The shelves are full of drops, People queue up, the elitisms aplenty, Thirst… or fashion.   In the dusty ravines up North, A woman hurls down a roped bucket, It… Continue Reading →

Brothers in grief

BROTHERS IN GRIEF   A cyclone ravages a city, terror grips the air, Strong passionate gusts of wind swirl the countryside, Unwiling people die stark, hungry deaths; Is it a spectacle for the elite to watch? Is it considered an… Continue Reading →

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