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Manju Chandra

I Want To Be Phoolan Devi

“I want to be Phoolan Devi” chirped little Maya and her teacher was flabbergasted. Appearing calm, she asked, “Why and Maya do you know who is Phoolan Devi?” “Yes Madam,” said Maya hesitantly, “She is a woman who scared away… Continue Reading →

Shambala- The Heavenly Kingdom

Shambala– The Heavenly Kingdom Shambala or Gyanganj or Shangri-La, as it may be called is a mythical kingdom in Himalayas. It means “The source of happiness. “ It is the land of immortals. It is said to be located somewhere… Continue Reading →

Corruption: Life Made Easy

Corruption has made our life easy. Its difficult to imagine what would we do without this automatic trouble lifting mechanism? Corruption is to our society what lubrication is to machines. We become entrepreneurs and grave risk takers because we know… Continue Reading →

“I don’t care”

These words come like a blow when we hear it from our loved and trusted ones. Sometimes explicitly and at times implicitly. This one sentence robs the listener of trust, stability, mental peace and sense of security that any relationship… Continue Reading →

Transforming – Emotion into Devotion

Devotion is a tool to destroy…. Destroy our intentions, aspirations, ambitions so that we cease to be the puppet of our desires and in turn become the hand of the divine. Devotion is not deal with the Divine. Nowadays we… Continue Reading →

Is She Worth it

Sasha, a very beautiful, caring and loving woman, was trying to adjust with the new home and new place they had just moved in. Things were settling in slowly and she was weaving the thoughts of future with her family… Continue Reading →

The Land of Enchanted Souls

The Land of Enchanted Souls Kailash a land of enchanted souls is the center of our universe also called axis mundi, a point of connection between the earth and the sky. Timeless sages live here. The dream pilgrimage of every… Continue Reading →

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