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Dr. Muneera Kuraishi

Women :  Ras, rahasya, sahitya !!! Women Love Kindness Humble Proficient Power   Power to embark everyone. But what about her ? Is she really powerful? Can she derive her decision ? Can she ask whatever she want? Can she… Continue Reading →

Chaya 4

Life is a reflection of your thought and action. Thoughts have immense power to sublime your action. Once carefully chosen, it can assist you to get your dream. If not been wise enough, You would not consider worthy enough to… Continue Reading →

Chaya …an incredible journey Part #3

Chaya…..Part II

Chaya is an incredible journey. Chaya is your companion for life .It never transgresses you in any situation. Good or bad, short or long in any form, it always stays with you. An honest friend never leaves you alone; same… Continue Reading →

Chaya- Our Companion for a Lifetime

  Chaya; Incredible journey to recover from physical and mental losses and shine like stars. Chaya means shadow Like me, my shadow is also unique.Where ever I go, my shadow follows me. There is not a single moment where he… Continue Reading →

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