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Gina Lexis


based on the story written by Washington Irving     She danced in a golden chamber Glittering, warm and fine Down her ears dangled emeralds On her dress embedded nine    She’d always been vibrant Filled with love and life… Continue Reading →


“TALK TO ME”   She looks around her world A friend to speak, she seeks She is a broken girl Scared, confused and meek   The ones she finds around Mock her and push her away She cries but makes… Continue Reading →


YOUR WORTH   All my life, I’ve tried in vain to decide What you’re worth and what you are to me I’ve noticed, my perceptions are fleeting Based on how, with my life you agree   There are days, I… Continue Reading →


PASSAGE – FROM LIFE TO LIFE   Here, I leave my fleshed cage and move past the drab confines of life Severing the threads of mortal affair A father, a mother, a child, a wife   Is it the end?… Continue Reading →


A THIEF – A SINNER   I stood in the train and looked around Gazing at people and listening to sounds I saw a boy who shuffled by me He was on a pocket picking spree I kept a guard… Continue Reading →

When your BEST isn’t GOOD ENOUGH – Society and its Expectations

“The unhappiest people in this world, are those who care the most about what other people think.” ― C. JoyBell C.     Once upon a time, there lived a small mouse in the meadow. It had everything it needed: food,… Continue Reading →

FEELINGS – a ballad

FEELINGS – a ballad   His blood boiled at an unusual pace, His brows upturned on his face, He clenched his fists till his knuckles turned white, He wanted to cry, but knew it wasn’t right.   He shunned mankind… Continue Reading →

Into the Dream – An excerpt from The Wanderer

She saw him in her dreams A burnt, withered, wretched beast Being played by fate’s cruel hands Forsaken by all, tossed onto scorching sands She reached out to him Soft hands to calluses grim He shirked away For she promised… Continue Reading →

Being Profound

What makes someone profound? As Gratiano in a play by Shakespeare asserts, there are many who maintain a silent and grim exterior in order to be recognized by the world for their profound wisdom. But such men according to him… Continue Reading →

Little things

Little things; little things always add up together to form great memories. These little things have a power beyond measure. They can do unimaginable things to a person. They can warm our hearts like a mother’s broth in cold winter;… Continue Reading →

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