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Neelam Bhatnagar

Success: Difficult to attain, harder to sustain

 A school girl had to take part in the recitation competition of the school. She had taken all efforts to memorize the poem, recited it several times in her room alone, to her dad, to her sister, to her friend… Continue Reading →

Challenges in the time of digital addiction

Digitisation has permeated every urban household and workplace today. The services it provides in daily life make digitisation indispensable to people of all lifestyles. Higher the socio-economic status of the individual greater the reliance on digitisation and the associated paraphernalia…. Continue Reading →

Your Anchor…. Your Strength

The old strong tree in my childhood garden, so nostalgic, Its radiating branches like ever inviting arms, so very majestic, Distinct round canopy with dense foliage and room for all Where birds chirped, butterflies danced and koel gave a sweet… Continue Reading →

KIRAN: as radiant as the sunrays…

A family of two girls and three brothers along with their mother and father lived in a nice, neat, cozy and well-kept house. Life bestowed on them happiness & sorrow, successes & failures, triumphs & agonies.  The common factor amongst… Continue Reading →

When I was a little girl….

  The first distinct memories of my life are a big family and lots and lots of food. My household always had a variety of aromas to smell, flavors to taste , colors to see, and a constant almost musical… Continue Reading →

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