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Nitusmita Saikia


Lifeless ! Object of ignorance , A lie to self and A truth undone! Not a journey of few inch , Not the linen decides the dream, Needs need to be there Being alive ; being beggar. No wonder, my… Continue Reading →


SUCCESS – AN ACCIDENT OR A SURE FIRE! An article By Nitusmita Saikia We all know every human being aspire to be successful. This aspiration may germinate at the very beginning of life or at anytime of one’s inner self… Continue Reading →

The Farmer!

As we climbed his shoulder, We learn to see the height of the sky, It’s his finger that strengthen our feet, And we learnt the miracle being attached to the earth, Its father; the farmer of life, Secret watchman of… Continue Reading →

I want to, Reach a beach, listen to the lullabies of lapping waves, Let them pierce through your heart, And then let you errupt to be a song of twilight, Let them hold and embrace your tears. Walk across the… Continue Reading →

Dream for Dawn!

Mother! Time to pen down my dream again, A dream! Beautiful and stretch of happy moments, A story telling dream, Story of courage; tale of sacrifice, A dream of a life, Your life! Part of your life shared with me,… Continue Reading →

Monochrome !

Never let me emerge, out of the dark, Illusive silvery light now I , Emit lusterless thoughts nothingness! The homely filth! And there my breath pukes​ nectar of undone past , A monochrome of entrapped future, Under the veil of… Continue Reading →

The Daily Chores of Corruption

A burning question that gives rise to many more other questions like, “What is the need to be corrupted? Why bribery! Who are to be convicted of both?” If we see all developed countries of the world, we find there,… Continue Reading →

Mankind Beneath Corruption..!

Sigh!Souls have turned into dust and ash, Holy pages of wisdom are now lifeless. Peace! Peace! Peace is yelling beneath, The grave of mankind, Chaos in all around, From men to systems; babies to veterans, Plays of vice and lies,… Continue Reading →

Is the modern woman really empowered?

Is woman empowerment, a reality or hype? Woman empowerment!   This is a critical issue that has been recently highlighted over the old patriarchal setup.  The old setup is, in turn getting the world to think about the woman and empowering… Continue Reading →

Oh’ dear woman…!

A nut in its atavistic quest, Look for old graveyards, Forgotten and fallen ones, As the millennial epic in progress, She needs now little more pages full of dust, Tales of suffering, and survival of women in the last. The… Continue Reading →

To be alone

Budding experiences once; were, With a swelled venter and then; Moment arrived at fruitage time. Humiliating old thoughts and believes; Slogged through countless conflicts and consoles, Until the renewal! Now I prefer to be alone. After last forlorn attempt to… Continue Reading →

From my Diary’s page!

Waiting until the heart quake Beneath my flash I yelled from the puddle of boiling blood, Stirring my thoughts, Perishing disappointment, I looked for a slith to have a breath, As I realized that I must live, I must not… Continue Reading →

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