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Nitusmita Saikia

Children Day

The Odd!

An odd in the cynical texture of Social makeover, I am told to act hypocritically; to follow hypocrisy, I get stumbled upon those thoughts, Everyday spinning around like the micro organism of disease, Infectious for humanity!   Behind the mask… Continue Reading →

Spirituality : Knowing oneself !

Please allow me to begin toward our topic of Spirituality with a short story from my own journey. “She gave me a wink and I reciprocated, seeing in her eyes and feeling her need to communicate something to me. I… Continue Reading →


“Hiatus” Torn being awakening soul, And interrupted memories are melting As if graveyard mist! Chasing ritzy delights of life, Imprisoned in words, Of rises and falls! Emptiness since an epoch! Barren pages in quest of the missing, Silky loin in… Continue Reading →

Death everywhere!

Masterpiece! Emitting lusterless ray of light, The hurricane lamp paints a monochrome of shadows; old trembling hands of Picasso is making graphics of worn out lives under the thatched roof. Amidst those droplets of light and patches of darkness, she… Continue Reading →

Dream of Golden farm!

Pair of hazel eyes Beserk to sail, dear! Through your eyes, Those pair of hazel eyes! Tickling my soul, Sprinkling greenish brown seeds of love.Hue of Autumn eve plays there, As if the ripen field of my exudation In the… Continue Reading →

A small talk with Mother!

letter to mother! Remembering your pleasant smile! Barely had it time to visit your face. I did understand, Life was not easy for you but, was special for all who were with you! You had been going on living your… Continue Reading →

often I hear them ! they live on the street.

“Dew on trodden grass” I can’t be dark nor shade blackness In their hungry, empty hollow eyes, Neither can I tear the veil That adorned their desires for life. Pretending to be anything; I hate most. Yet, a thin curve… Continue Reading →

let’s hear her story!

‘Deflowered!’ She was happy to hold her hand An Amah’s hand, Since her fretful days were, Towards their pyre, For an end, End of pains. With her little mind still in bud, Was thoughtful, At the moment of leaving her… Continue Reading →

Untold story!

Your torn cloth! An untold story itself, Plainly confined to the statistics, And sometimes to a sociology class, Or to a motivating lecture, Or to your heart! Being far from you, Often, You occupy my imaginations, And myriad thoughts. No… Continue Reading →

Can you see my wrinkles!

Can you see my wrinkles! fleshy lines on face like the raw of words that got embedded in my life .   Yes;                                   … Continue Reading →

Words for self!

Chains got broken, No more behind the iron bar Of patriarchy! Caged and tied within the entangled strands of society. For ages! behind the closed door, Darken wall sheltering your breath , Now falling down being fragile to hold your… Continue Reading →

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