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Vivek Patwardhan

Discovery of Northeast India

Why did we plan a trip to the Northeast? As in the case of any good job, there are many reasons. My friends will, however, be quick to pick up the most important reason of all – my DW [Darling… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence or Human Intelligence

“Artificial intelligence. Are you scared of it?” I asked Lulu, my parrot. Just in case you are not aware, parrots are one of the most well informed avians. They travel from Stanford to Shillong; they understand AI, I mean, Artificial… Continue Reading →

Valentine Remembers

At HOME “There was no such thing as Valentine’s Day when we were young. Tell me,” she said, “would you have sent me a Valentine’s Day card if it was a practice to celebrate it in our times?” “Hmmm…Yes, of… Continue Reading →

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