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Punita lakhani

#FathersDay each day. A note to all fathers!

What memories I have of my growing up years, my father was not less fearsome than my school principal. I couldn’t cite any similarities between them but I kept wondering what was it that made us strictly adhere to both… Continue Reading →

How to get a nett positive balance in your relationship’s saving account?

Weird? Is it? What do I mean? Whenever we mention the word relationship, it triggers a positive vibe in the brain. The very genesis of the word is “relation” is optimistic and therefore at the drop of this word, we… Continue Reading →

When was the last time you gave an EXAM??

Why do I ask so? Because I can totally relate with you! Undertaking an exam is much more than what it appears on the surface. Not to mention the study, sweat and intention that goes in for the preparation itself…. Continue Reading →

Moment-wise WISE

Holding my glass of warm I stepped out of my room to explore what the day had in its offering! The stillness in this morning moment was all encompassing. Standing in the balcony, over-seeing the greens below, I witnessed the… Continue Reading →

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