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Rajat Soni

Mom: My Life Coach

As a kid, I was mostly quiet and not very expressive. A plethora of thoughts plagued my tender mind. However, thoughts never found words, and a lot remained unspoken. There was this one person, who genuinely wanted to listen to… Continue Reading →

Relationships: Evolution of the Parent Child Relationship – By Rajat Soni

 “Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.”-Anthony J.D’Angelo Our relationships begin with parents. They are the first people with whom we form an association of love, respect, and commitment. It is a given that we love our parents. Yet with growing… Continue Reading →

Women Empowerment Starts with Respect

Women Empowerment Starts with Respect “Respecting a woman is the best way to tell her how beautiful she is.” As a Teen Life & Parenting Coach, I meet some kids from affluent and educated families where the mother is still… Continue Reading →

Color your Soul this Holi

Color your Soul this Holi   Holi is a festival of joy and a day of merrymaking with loved ones. Let us celebrate Holi in a different way this time by adding colors of forgiveness, gold, hope, freedom, acceptance and… Continue Reading →

Setting Right the Corrupt Mindset

“The worst disease today in the world is corruption. And there is a cure : Transparency.” Corruption is the root of all evils. I always hear that if governments in developing nations would exclusively center around taking out corruption without… Continue Reading →

Our Conversation with Self…Part II

This is the second article in the 2 part series of Our Conversation With Self. Please click here to read the first article Our Conversation with Self: How We Talk Within 5 ways to develop positive Self-Talk 1.Be aware – We… Continue Reading →

Our Conversation with Self…Part I

I don’t think I can do this? I better keep my mouth shut. What will s/he think about me? Why are they looking at me like this? Am I looking uncool? I am not good enough How does the above… Continue Reading →

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